Sunday, November 30, 2008

We are becoming a Health conscious Republic!

As me and Pooh was walking in the mall, I noticed that Nescafe was having some kind of booth at the ground floor of SM CITY CEBU (along with AudioNet and other cell phone stores grand sale). Being a certified “I won’t function properly at work without coffee” I was curious and went see what the fuzz was all about. We just passed by and did not really stop to try out there new and healthy coffee (Interesting!). There were a lot of people lining up! I mean it a lot!

It actually got me thinking, people now a days are becoming health freaks (including me), we started to become conscious about the food that we eat, what we drink and our lifestyle. And gyms are starting to become very popular! Like metro sports, holiday gym and spa, Club ultima, fitness first and so on!.

Also one of the things I noticed was that L-carnitine became an instant hit. It all started with Fitrum (Loyalist here!), fit and right the fit and fab etc. Now even our coffee is becoming healthy; Nescafe is giving us a coffee that has 3 times more anti-oxidant than green tea! they called the program Nescafe Body Partner. Now I don’t have to feel guilty every time I consume around 4 cups of coffee in a shift.

Now it’s already becoming really healthy! And I am really happy on were we are going with this. I am not really a certified health freak (Yet!) but I am carefully watching my weight. Its not being vain it’s just being practical being sick causes more than buying healthy herbal supplements! Trust me I did the math!


Anonymous said...

Woot! First to comment. Lol. Anyway, talking about healthy livin why not join the midnight run? hehe!

Dhon said...

wow really pushing for it.. yeah why not! how do i register.. when is this again?

JAbbeRedONiON said...

are you sure you want to do it crackerling? you're asthmatic.

Dhon said...

hmmm.. kaya lagi na jabberedonion...
magdala lang ko ug spray! hehehehhe


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