Friday, October 31, 2008

Pray, Celebrate and remember!

I try not to think of all saint’s/souls day (also know as Halloween) as a time to be scared, a time to dress up like a witch, a goblin maybe or something else. I try to think of it as a day to remember our love one’s who had gone ahead and went into the light. Although yes! I want to celebrate this day with booze, clubbing and having a great time. But let us not also forget to visit them, pray for them or even at least clean their final resting place.

Pray, Celebrate and remember!

Post Script: Thanks to Oslec for this great picture... you can visit his site for more amazing photography....

Joel Lamangan's WALANG KAWALA-No Way Out (Trailer)

This is what’s on my Movie list!

This is the much awaited movie from Joel Lamangan, WALANG KAWALA-No Way Out.

This time I will let the UNRATED trailer speak for itself!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moleskine Entry: Comfort Zone....

Date: 10/26/2008

I will be traveling to manila tomorrow!for 3 days!
Talking about leaving my comfort zone! Ill be going to a city really am not fond off (Traffic, pollutions, crimes etc.). Well maybe just curious, cause I hear a lot about this city. They have exciting places to go through, amazing choices for night life! And a whole lot more…
It’s stepping out of my comfort zone for the reasons, I am going there all alone, staying at a hotel alone, and going to work alone. Alone! Alone! Alone! No familiar faces, no close friends just acquaintances.
I will be meeting up with some manila supervisors that I normally communicate either by email or by phone. WOW! Plus my schedule is super super early! I have to be at work at 6:30 pm!
Well I am their for a business trip, and not for leisure so might as well accept that fact.
This will be a big step for me since I am the types that really do not travel into unfamiliar places alone!
I usually have a friend or pooh with me. In a way this is a test for me if I am really ready to get out of the comfort bubble I built to be indestructible. If I am ready to face the world outside my little paradise, if I survived this with flying colors then that means I am really ready to get out and move on!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank you !


For a Splendid and Earth Shattering performance last QUARTER!

Hats off to you guys!!!

And for making me the Top supervisor of the Quarter!

Things that i have learned at work

In my 3 years working in an outsourcing company, there are a couple of thing that I have learned;

Perfect Project
The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect project. Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you’ve got, and fix it as you go.

Take Charge

Be your own worst critic; don’t wait for your boss to be like that it isn’t pretty. When things go wrong it’s tempting to shift the blame. Don’t!
Accept responsibility. People will appreciate it, including your boss and at the same time you will find out what you’re capable of.

One on One/Coaching
If you want to be interesting, be interested. During a group discussion or one on one coaching, it is better to listen carefully to what you’re agents are saying rather than show off your own brilliance.
In that way they will be interested in you without you saying a word.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Playing Safe

Funny how two people meet...Eye contact…hi and hello…
Get contact numbers…
Exchange quotes and messages,
Even dropping calls…

Asking how the day was,
Giving you a lift, talking till dawn
Having meals together ….

Seems perfect, right?

But try to look deeper; was there a time they talked about how they feel for each other?
Not at all, right?
Because a set up like this, is all about PLAYING SAFE!

Post Script: This is dedicated to all my friends who went throught this phase!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you Happy?

And I thought my entry was forgotten, Ladies and Gentlemen here is the entry that I submitted to 1n6words.

Are you Happy? I am now!

If you don’t know that site yet, here is a little introduction from the creator;

This site is dedicated to the shortest form of fiction – the six-word short story — inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s “For sale: Baby shoes, Never worn” story and made for people who would like to tell their own stories in 6 words. Please email us your very short, short story plus a related original artwork at and we will post them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cyber Game of Love

As I was strolling today in SM city cebu with pooh, we were just walking, talking and having a good time (quality time).

We went to the top floor and try to see what movies would interest us; we really do not have plans yet since I work at 5 pm (Darn!). I came across this movie entitled SEB, sounds very interesting and well we can both relate because we practically live also in cyberspace (friendster, my space, face book etc.)


(Cyber game of love)

Really caught my attention, it does make sense. We all have dark secrets, secrets we do not tell even our closest friends and we find ways to vent it out. Cyberspace is usually the place we go through to escape.

I haven’t watched it yet but I will be finding a way to put that on my schedule. Here is to hoping!

I am also Happy that SM well management, did play this movie. As far as I remember they really stick to Family Oriented Films. I even remembered before that they did not play “Broke Back Mountain” and “the Da Vinci Code”. I have nothing against SM management because they do have the right to filter whatever they want to play on their CINEMAS. I am just happy that they opened up to this kind of Art film! And hopefully more will come.

I hope this will not be the last time they will show an Indie Films that depict the current scenario’s of the modern Filipino/Filipina.

I hope that they didn’t just do it because the current rending is moving towards independent film makers.

I hope that if they do decide to become family oriented again, they will not only focus on the good side. But more often than not it is also good that we get a good dose of the dark side of the modern Philippines, It will and should keep us grounded.

I hope…

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PORK CHOP Thursday

(Yona, J, Sher and Jabbered onion)
What do you know! they are blogger's too..

Every Thursday night at around 1:00 am (I know what your thinking! It’s already Friday morning, but in a call center environment we base everything on a Production date! So it’s still technically Thursday), me and the girls would go out and eat Pork Chop with herb sauce in Brown Cup.

It’s one of our guilty pleasures, which happen once a week!

It just so happened that on particular day all our schedule co-inside (yepey!).

I just don’t consider this as a Lunch with the girls, but as a time for us to catch up!

Bonding moments and share opinions and advises.

I am looking forward to our pork chop Thursday’s girls!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reproductive Health Bill 5043 (Be Aware)

Dear Bloggers/Friends,

Today, I got an email from a good friend about regarding an online petition and reproductive health bill.
Personally I am a strong believer on this bill and as such I want to spread the news. Please take time to browse/read through the content of the letter and if you agree to this then sign on the petition.
Overpopulation results in poverty and this is something that we need to take seriously, looking at those homeless children and people who cannot even have a descent meal really breaks my heart.
Please let us support this!


Currently there is 4719 signatures for this Bill.


To: GO’s / NGO’s / LGU’s and Socially Responsible Filipinos

Re: Reproductive Health Bill 5043

We know that there are many lay Catholics who believe that couples should have the options to chose other Family Planning Methods, in case the Natural Family Planning Method is not applicable to them, rather than having too many children they can’t afford to provide for their needs, resulting to many children being uncared for, malnourished, some dying at a young age! or will be snatchers, offenders, criminals and bad elements our societyHowever, some of may just be “blind followers” or afraid of the threats of the church or silent for various reasons, but if YOU decide to Speak Up and be heard for the sake of the many poor families who can have a decent and quality life even if they are poor . . . or ensure that you and your law abiding family will not be victim of the bad elements of our society, in the future . . . you may join us - “The Catholics - for Quality Life!” .There is an on-going online signature campaign for the immediate passage of the RH Bill, if you support the Bill, pls go to or if you have Filipino friends here and abroad who you think are Socially Responsible, please pass this on to them.For those who want to know more about the RH Bill or a discussion on the topic or are interested, to join the ”The Catholics - for Quality Life!” pls. contact us or give us your contact numbers inc. e-adds.Thank you very much!

Bulaklak ng ABP

The search is on for the flower that will represent our very fun and yet I am proud to say Performing account! I am proud also to say that two of my agents are in this contest, but even if that’s the case I would still salute all of them! Hats off to you girls!

The program proper and coronation night will be at Oct. 18, 2008 at villa teresita (Talisay)
The battle of Wits, confidence, intelligence, and beauty will be held there!
Let see whose beauty will reign supreme!

I can’t wait!

It takes a real man to be in this contest!

For the complete pictorial and photo shoot please click on the following link (oslec’s multiply)

We would like to thank oslec for this amazing pictorial! Truly amazing works of art!
And can you imagine this is just his hobby!

*bulaklak means Flower

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Half Truth and Whole Lies

It was again another lazy workday, since I have basically finished all my deliverables and I was just listening to some random calls…


my yahoo messenger was suddenly blinking

<*>: D, you there?

<@>: Hey wassup?! Its been a long time! How are you?

<*>: You know, still the same

<@>: we haven’t bonded since last month! Hehehe

<*>: Check! so... Have you heard!

<@>: Heard about what?

<*>: Remember Z!

<@>: yeah, I remembered him! What did he do?

<@>: (ding!) Still there?

<*>: We met each other the other day at the mall, He told me that is acting head nurse on one of the private hospitals here in the city.

<@>: Wow amazing! He is so lucky!

……. After a couple of hours, I was also chatting with someone who works on that hospital and I suddenly remembered my conversation with N and told him the great news!

<@> hey did you know that Z is already an acting head of something in a hospital! Isn’t that great?

<$> really?! I mean he is a senior D, but not the head. Although he acts like the head but he is not a head nurse.

<@> ………..

I was speechless of a moment, it got me thinking. Why do people go to great lengths to lie?

What do they get by exaggerating there position or even their Job description!

On the top of my head!

It could be PURE EGO! So that people will view their life as VERY Interesting! And the other is just a compulsion. I didn’t stop there; I went around and ask most of my friends with this.

The most common answer that I got centered on being selfish and Ego boost!

I am not going to be a hypocrite and tell that I have never lied or told half truth of a story.

Sometimes it’s deem necessary, to protect someone or to spare someone from pain. I consider that as a noble act and deserve’ my Friendship medal. if the reason is neither of what was stated above , then you are an ATTENTION Wh*$e (Me, me focus on me).

Just my opinion

The Verdict!

to continue with my previous blog: "What a way to start my Work Week"

After 5 days of secretly hopping for my PC to be fixed without loosing my email archives, Data, reports.

I finally got an update from IT

To: D
Subject: RE: Inaccessible Boot Device

Hi D,

Sorry for the late reply.

PC has been re-formatted.

You can use it now.

Files from old computer were not retrieved.



(sigh..) Well, I was already expecting this, but I was secretly hoping that it would be retrieved. But still there were data’s that I needed and will be using in the future to help me defend our lines.

Even after the bad news,

I will never stop being an optimist!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The boy who cried wolf!

As I was sitting at my station after doing countless reviews on my agent’s calls, I got a sms message from an old colleague saying that we will have a sun rise for 1.5 days (36 hours on October 17, 2008). It sounded really amazing! So googled the event, that strange I am not seeing it on the news. It should make the headlines by now since it only happens every 2400 years.
In the message it indicated that the source is CNN/BBC news. So CNN here I come! Hmmm… I’m still not seeing the big event.
I checked with BBC, still not seeing it! And the site did say that the last update was 15 minutes ago.

Finally after trial and error with I was able to find related news to that even! At

Then it got me thinking, why people would go to great lengths just to spread faux news!
If he will send me an sms regarding another even soon, I will take it against him and will not immediately believe him.
Sound familiar? Yes it like in the story “THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF”. Too little, too late!

Personally, I have nothing against the person.
I would just like to emphasize on being careful if you forward information to your friends or colleague.
I’m sure he just got it from another friend, who was sent by his friend etc.
I suggest checking them out and validating them.
Since this will leave a lasting impression to them! In short your name hangs on the balance!
And plus your wasting money!

Just my Opinion!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Little things that count! (Each of these will make you a better man)

Honestly I got these tips while I was reading a magazine, and though what the heck! Why not share the love! I mean we need all the advise, help or reminders about being a better person we can get in this lifetime. I am just doing my part in sharing.

Little things that count!

(Each of these will make you a better man)

1. Paying Attention – Real attention—to a small child. People remember that adults who did that when they were kids. They also happen to be the children’s role models.

2. A Breath Mint!

3. A lunch box. When you save money and bring your own lunch instead of buying from the fastfood chains, you’ll probably be able to squirrel enough to buy that TV you really wanted.

4. a 50-minute CPR class

5. Gratitude – It takes 15 seconds to thank someone for their time or gift. It takes 15 years for them to forgive you when you don’t

6. A lunchtime reservation – one that doesn’t involve a drive-thru. All those lunchboxes earn you a fine meal in a fancy restaurant every couple of weeks. Life ain’t a prison

7. Checking your spelling. Because the difference between public relations and pubic relation may be your job

8. The last drink. If you’re drunk enough to absolutely need it, you absolutely don’t.

9. Getting off you ass. Time was, you stood up when being introduced to someone new. You Meet eye-to-eye and shake, which is a small way of saying “I’m not above or below you.”

10. Getting off your Ass, Period. Even 10 minutes of activity a day can drop your blood pressure, boost your mood, and prevent you from forming a covalent bond with your couch.

11. A single detail. About someone else. Could be a wife’s name, or a kid’s sport, or a gum disease their doggie had. Wield details wisely and you’ll be a charm machine. Flub them and you’ll make people feel like they’re inter changeable cogs in a cosmic mishmash.

12. A single date. Plant a post-it, set an outlook alert, or write it your hand in a permanent marker. A pentel fades his/her memory doesn’t.

13. Honesty. There’s no such thing as a little lie. She’ll blow your cover and blow it up eventually. Man up and grow a pair.

14. Smiling and Saying THANK YOU to parking attendants, toll booth operators, waiters and security guards. Yes! Their jobs can be boring, but a single gesture can brighten up their day.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a way to start my Work Week!

Shortly after I arrived at work I noticed that my station was quite messed up. Hmmm
Something was not right, so when I tried turning on my PC. It seems not functioning at all.
I just realized that mark did send me an SMS earlier this day informing me that I had an error on my PC.
CRAP”, I remembered that it was a Blue screen Error! Again “CRAP!!!!”
I logged in to another supervisor’s station and our CMS station to check on my email.
Amidst a dozen emails we get everyday, I stumbled on this email from our IT team.
Jona, my colleague already escalated this concern day before.

In case you cannot read it.. it goes something like this!

From: IT team
To: Dhon; Jona; etc...
Subject: Inaccessible Boot Device


Your PC has been fixed.
Donald station can't be repaired. We need to reformat his PC.
Please inform him that we need to reformat his PC and we might not be able to retrieve his files saved on the affected PC.
We will be waiting for his response.

IT Specialist, IT Department

This has already happened to me thrice!
Good luck to my reports! deliverables! good luck!!!!!!!!

Breathe in…Breath out…. Breathe in… Breathe out…. (Trying to relax!!!)
hmmmm..... Maybe amidst the bad news!, I will be receiving some good news soon!
-- always an optimist!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Clean Cut!

For the Past couple of days I have been having a writers block! This is sooo frustrating… anyways while I am going through that phase, pooh and I decided to just get a haircut and get our nails cleaned.

At this day and age I think even men are required to clean their nails! I mean honestly who wants see a cute man with a dirty toenails... I mean… eeeekkkkk!!!!


…….. I think this is more than a BURN OUT……

…..It could be frustration that caused this Depression….

……I think “the Roots RUN DEEP”……..

………Does really Time heal all wounds?......

.....what guarantee do you have.......

..................that it will not bleed again?.....

……Until when can you stand the dread?......

…Is it eating your life, or are you letting it………

…….When do you Step out of your comfort zone....

............. and GROW UP…...................

……….I think…………………………………………………

………..The Roots run Deep…………


Friday, October 3, 2008




1: an attitude of mind marked by skepticism especially about nearly everything affirmed by others 2 : a tendency to refuse to do, to do the opposite of, or to do something at variance with what is asked

neg·a·tiv·ist \-vist\ noun or adjective

neg·a·tiv·is·tic \ne-gə-ti-vis-tik\ adjective

I was talking with my good friend “O”, when we finally had time to chitchat over smoke break. we tackled on this topic it was about his partner who he said he is quite disturbed with the recent change of behavior. I was all totally in the mood for DEFENDING LOVE,

“Maybe he is just stressed from work”

“Maybe you misunderstood his action or intentions”

O has doubts that he is cheating on him, communicating with an ex, etc. the list goes on and on.

The O told me that this was the behavior that he displayed before when he caught him cheating.

Then suddenly I was thinking, and told him that I do not blame him for being having that mindset.

My only suggestion was to him since he asked me for one is to talk with his partner, communicate and prepare for the answer that he is asking for.

i was pondering over my conversation with O, it got me to think why do some people think of bad things over the unknown? Let say if you were not informed over certain things and then on your head reason’s or theory are already popping for the possible reason and paranoia. Usually NEGATIVE ONES!!

in my opinion, one would be experience; if for some reason the person had experienced almost the same scenario’s before and it yielded a negative result. This causes us to go on a defensive mode. I asked my friends and love ones over this, the most common answer is they are preparing themselves ahead on that bad side so that when it is really bad then it will not hurt as much.

True! It’s preparing for the worst, so that it will not hurt as much. If the outcome would be positive it is so easy to deal with! but never stop being an optimist! you will not go blind just by looking at the positive/brighter side of the situation.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

--Back to Reality--

After let say around 3 days of literally not in being able to access your work emails (yehey!), and no call-in’s (Thanks Team), it was safe to say that I was a bit revitalized by this lakwacha of mine.

The dreaded day came when I have to leave my worry free life and go back to reality; 3 days went by so so so fast. DRAN! I went back to work and spent almost the entire day absorbing the events that had happened for the last 3 days that I was gone (Reading emails, saying hi to everyone, lets just I was indirectly asking them “WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST?”…

*****So So So??!!******

These were one of the main questions that my friends, office mates, agents and even my bosses literally asked me. Guys! I am not going to go into details! My official public release is
“It was a Very Relaxing short vacation with POOH and we are planning to do it more”.
I just realize that they were not entirely asking about my dumaguete adventure but more on meeting pooh parents, well they were great people! And I never felt sooo welcome in my life!

*****Happy Bubble! ******

The moment I got back, and looked at my station and our board my manager left a really interesting message to my team. I just said to myself “I am in a happy place right now” just for comfort myself but hey I didn’t mind that. They asked me for analysis, questions and opinion about my lines, I replied with a smiling face cause as I say “it’s just a JOB” and job is just a part of a life and not my entire life.

--> Ever since I have always been a skeptic about vacations and relaxation day, but I highly recommend it not just to enjoy your well earned money but also to remove that Stress line that well soon be an age line and I am telling you ahead it isn’t pretty!
Get rid of those stress and burn outs! It’s a killer!


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