Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healing Pain

I just realize.. That in fact there a different types of pain.. One Is called a healing pain. After a dying pain, Like heartbreak; we experience a brief period of numbness. A defense mechanism we all unconsciously built for self preservation. However the body will not be able to be in such state forever. Your body will eventually go back. all the feelings and emotions. will return but just before you fully recover. We experience the healing pain, a pain so vivid and emmense as the first pain but the great thing is..
This is a good pain.
A pain to tell you that everything will be alright.
You're heart is no longer frozen. no longer buried 6 under.

It just happens that when..
Tart asked me to stay...
A asked me to love him back;
RM asked me to let him in...

I was in that frozen state..
I am sorry..

But I always am a firm believer that everything has a reason. If a door closes a window will always open.

So.. This is to formally end the winter of my life. Spring is coming, and spring cleaning is necessary. So as of writing I am throwing all the excess baggage of the past relationships I have been harboring. I am burning them up in one big fire I made of words.



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