Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One scary evening by silverEyed

One scary evening by SilverEyed

I just want to share this article I read on one of the sites (www.sarapmopare.com) I browsed through. I have lots of friends here in cebu and when they told me that they would go out in the comforts of there home just to have a meeting (coffee, internet games or Meet –up) after reading the article I kinda gotten scared for them. I want to spread the word to everyone to be very careful who they plan to meet up with. It’s totally okay to say NO to a complete sexy, hot stranger. If you’re GUT feeling/instinct is telling you to run for the hill.

This is a letter from one of the many young discreet, hormone driven people of CEBU.

Moral of the lesson guys is “BE CAREFUL”

I just wanna share this experience, since I’m not out yet as a bisexual and I just can’t post this to my personal blog. Might as well post it here heheheh….

It was one horny evening when I decided to chat in MIRC to find one horny partner. So, there you go, I chatted meet several people, several cute guys and several not so cute guys. Some were located in mango but most of them are in netx, the famouse bi cafe hehehe.

I finally decided to have sex with someone. His not so cute but he has a hot body and cool dick, though his not manly enough in short effem gamay. We agreed to meet in mercury drug near fuente osmeña.

I arrived first, I texted him if where is he, or if his coming or not. I told him that I’ll be waiting in sampaguita suites.(outside hap! hehehe). While waiting a guys in a while shirt, blue pants with slippers and a cap on his head, passed by. He stared at me and I stared back. though is so unusual for me since I never do it. He is so cute, I love his eyes, his well bridge nose and red lips with a perfect smile. He also has a well built body. He continued walking until he reached the sign age for the sampaguita suites. He glimpse at me and I starred back again. That time he stopped and look back again. So, he noticed that I was interested with him. He smiled at me and I smiled back too.

He approach me and introduces his name “Jake”, I introduced my name also. We talked a bit like where we lived and etc. Then he said “trip ta bai” and I answered “naa kai place?.” He doesn’t have a place and me neither. I suggested that we could try for a lodge or a motel. He said that he don’t have any money. I also said that I don’t have money either.(though I have a thousand and a 50 on my pocket) Then there was silence, at the back of my mind I said that its okay if don’t fuck each other since I’m still expecting someone.

After several moments of silence, he announce that he knows a place that is very cheap somewhere in ayala. I said “kaw bayad?” He said yes! Then, we decided to go there, we rode a taxi. And when we arrived there (the lodge is near Imaculada I forgot the name) he told me to pay for the taxi, I got disappointed since I did not suggested to rid in a taxi and I don’t want to spent money. I was so nervous that I let my 1k fall on the taxi there he saw that I have a money. I gave the 50 pesos to the taxi driver and we went directly at the lodge. As promised he paid for the fee it was just 100 pesos for 12 hours.

At the room, he lay down and said “Sugdi na bai” and he took off his shirt and his gym fit body was in front of my eyes. He has a very smooth skin. I was so horny that time so didn’t bother what would my role be(I’m actually a top versa bi). In fact I was so ready to be fucked by this super hot guy. without hesitations I grabbed chest and link his nipples and then finally sucked his yummy dick (it was very placid which is so unusual for a bi, so i though that he was a str8 tripper “Jackpot! but eventually it gets hard about 6.5 inches). then he let my lay down and he was on top of me, I was really excited I though his going to fuck me. He just licked my nipples and my body. Then he told me to masturbate, so I did. then he put his dick again to my mouth and sucked it again. I though his going to cum on my mouth but I was wrong he just waited for me to cum. He said “Pagdali na ug pagwasa dha!” so there you go i finally cummed. then he removed his dick in mouth and put his shirt back on.

Then I tried to fix myself when he said “Bayad nmo!” I was shocked, coz we never agreed on anything that I will pay him or whatsover. He said “kato pagchupa nmo dili to free naa to bayad, dali kai bayad ko ni sa ako boarding house” And I answered “dili ko mo bayad oi la ko kwarta” then he said “kato ding 1k? bayad na bai kng dili ka nahan magkagubot diri?” I was so afraid that I don’t know what to do. He grabbed my phone and some of my things. So, what I did I threw my 1k at the bed and grabbed my things as quickly as I can. I went out to the lodging house. He followed me and said “kuwang ni bai gusto ko 2k.” So, I ran as fast as I could. He even shouted “bantay2x lng bai!” I didn’t bother to look back I just keep on running I was so afraid that time.

And said to myself that it will never happen again.

The reason why i posted it here is because I don’t have anybody to share this with. They might laugh at me or even curse me. so I just kept it to myself ’till now.

Hope this experience could give you a lesson. I learned a lot from this experience.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

-Courage (Red-Wilmer)-


I admire your courage.....you both were brave enough to admit to the world who they were and how they feel for each other......
Hope to see more of this in the future.....



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