Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year that was... 2008

The Year that was... 2008

In a couple of hours, 2008 will be officially over. This will be my last post for the year like my recent entry I will be working this new year. But I promised myself a couple of things as sort of a new years resolution.

1.) 1. I will no longer smoke, maybe occasionally but not consume more than 2 sticks a day (Hey! It’s a start)

2.) 2. Spend more time with my siblings, I rarely get to interact with them…. Even if we live in just one house

3. ...Follow my passion, especially in my career life. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I think I am currently in a stage right now we’re I don’t know what I want.. (To my managers, I’m sorry..)

So far this is my list of goals to accomplish, this does not include material objects cause I know I can get them but this will be my biggest challenge.

There are a couple of people I would like to thank; these are the people that made me who I am today. There witty comments and words of wisdom made me a better person…

To my Family

For ever being supportive in all my endeavor

To my Friends

For a shoulder to cry on and for always being there for me in my times of need. Also for the priceless memories you have provided me.

To Pooh

For understanding me completely and unconditional love. Even if I have tantrums!

To my colleagues/Work Family

For the Support, being super understanding and also witty words of wisdom. Don’t ever think that I have forgotten them...

To my agents

For the love and the support, I know that I am sometimes it seems that I am not supporting you or helping you, trust me you have no idea what we would do make you happy.

To my enemies

Thank you for making me stronger and wiser , I wish you the best this 2009

Well again, I am off to celebrate the coming of 2009 with a bang.

Until Then!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Spending the Holidays at the office

Spending the Holidays at the office

December 24, 2008, the eve before Christmas… at exactky around 7:00 pm my mom woke me up from my ever deep sleep since it’s dinner time. So I sat down with my family. Seeing that what use to be 10 is now 5.
My brother (including his family) and my sister is currenlt out of the country braving the concrete jungle and trying to climb a new/competitive corporate ladder. But when they left I was not sad but excited for them I know those two can survive anything… They’re what you call a trooper.

In the cebu, its quite scary when you ride a jeepney during Christmas, its not about you being robbed or mugged but rather they are fond of fire crackers here, just be on the safe side I rode a cab from Mactan to the office ( I just want to sure). This is the first time that I spent Christmas working in the office in my entire stay here in this industry. It was quite fun! There were still agents and low volume of calls for our team. Hurray! So I placed all of them on meeting and went to the pantry to do our version of the Noche Buena! He he I get to roam around the floor and greet everyone a merry Christmas…

Spending Christmas in the office is really not that bad, especially when you are surrounded by your friends and colleague. We even had a team meeting and ended up with a really funny conversation! I won’t disclose the topic but it ept me smiling for the rest of the shift. It is such nice to work in an environment were you can be yourself and have fun with your friends…

See spending Christmas in the office is not that bad…

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Better Late than never

Better late than never

to all of my friends and colleagues who greeted me on my birthday… Thank you for the card and gifts!

Lots of Love


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do you agree?


Last night as pooh and I were searching the internet, particularly www.zedge.com for cool themes to complement my cool new phone SE G900. After 48 years my phone finally decided to give up on me and retire. The whole reason that I was a bit hesitant to buy a new phone because I know a new phone will just emerge in the next 15 minutes, either better or have more/better features! And I always have separation anxiety over my phone. The music, Pictures, contact since my old N3250’s memory card is not compatible with my new phone… so I have to manually transfer a lot of stuff…. but it was so worth it!

So as I was looking at that site, this theme got my attention. Now I am not going to make any conclusion but it’s just amazing that this is the general view of women over men. What’s worse than that this is also the perception of men to his fellow “team mate”.

What do you think? Is this a bit unfair or just right? Let me know..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Week that I went AWOL…

The Week that I went AWOL…

What a week! During my birthday week, super busy and yet super fun
Lets start it off with a drinking session with some of my colleagues in the office, that was my inspiration of my YIKES entry almost a week ago.

I am still trying to meet my quota for the conversation 101 in the office, trust me I am not getting any help (Hello?) and I am so far behind, I need a new plan.. hmmmmm

The next big event that happened was my birthday! My full moon birthday to be exact, at the same time it was our ops dinner at Mooon café at The Walk IT park, were Q, gave me a yummy money and since she was not able to find my shirt size and was afraid of giving me a shirt that does not fit, she gave me a Electronic GC for ayala! Yey! (Thanks Q!).

On that same week, I noticed that the moon was also full. I was able to read this!

“The full moon, which peaks Friday, December 12 at 8:37 AM PST at 21º
Gemini-Sagittarius is not only the brightest of the year, but perhaps also the most galvanizing. This is the fifth and final Super Moon of 2008.”

i really do not know what that really means, i just hope its more into prosperity!

Yes! I am guilty of this, being AWOL on my Blog

I went on awol for the reason’s that there were aspects in my Personal life and love life that needed immediate attention, we rarely have quality time with Pooh, with my parents and even with my siblings. So my goal before the year end would be to have at least one bonding time with them… one day at a time.

Post Script:
To those who greeted me on my Full Moon Birthday! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

Saturday, December 6, 2008



As i was searching in both YouTube and Google for the latest character of Diablo 3 and also making the rules for the C.A.T tournament. One of my agents sent me an email attaching this picture, it made me laugh instantly because we always have a term in the office that we used to describe a person not having a good day, we always termed its as the red say or its his/her menopausal day. I don’t know for some reason this joke reached to our manager (Yikes!), some agent apparently used this to describe him when he seemed stress or not in the moo and whats worst he was there and he heard (double yikes!).

Peace out!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


It’s the season again! Early this morning It started to hurt.
When I went to the office, most of my agents were also suffering from it.
The puffy eyes and red nose!

no they were not crying over love problems.

It’s FLU season again, agents are coughing and sneezing and the bad thing about it is if you are working in a cell center, it’s very cold due to the air-conditioning and the air is not safe/clean because you are in a compressed air environment.
This is bad, I don’t really want to get sick since I have a lot of things to attend to and also I haven’t finished my weekly coaching quota for my agents…

So guys! Stuck up on your meds and as early as now drink water, take vitamins and also have enough rest!…. Achoooo!

Just a friendly reminder, Achooo!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just recently realized that there are a lot of online gamers in my account.

They approached me and ask if the old plans to have an online/gamers club since henrey and giovz started the RUBU (Running Buddies) club in my account.

So I did the leg work and yes there are a lot of people wanting to play like DOTA, Counterstrike etc.,

so with the help of Ian P, Paul, louise and Gelou we will be establishing;

C.A.T (Cyber Athlete Tournaments)

Here is our teaser that we will be posting on our support site;

it will just be a friendly game. The team that looses will have to pay for the internet fee of the other team... that's just one of the possible rules, but if we will be doing it more often and we have alot of participants then we will definitely do a TOURNAMENT!

its all in the name of team work and sports…

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Ever had that feeling were everyday is becoming a DRAG?

And everything is just falling apart. It’s another Manic yet depressing Monday for me.

It’s been universally acknowledge that you cannot balance the two aspects of your life, Love life and your career. What if for some reason both, had a problem on that same day? How would you feel?

Me, I felt like the world was ganging up on me….Bad news from work and problems with my relationship (although I am thankful to pooh for being a strong and steady rock, and for not giving up on me!)

Being their leader, I am helpless… maybe because being a leader to my high profile team I developed this mother hen attitude, the need to protect them all the time. I know its wrong but I am only human! I also have feelings; I get hurt every time someone is trying to break my team apart.

I just wanted to escape! Get the hell out of the office and go home, cry and eventually fall asleep!

To Whom It May Concern:

I just wish you will also talk to them and explain to them the reason for a change; we could only do so far. I will not initiate or be proactive in telling you to talk to these agents; you need to do it at your own whim. They deserve an explanation as to why we are doing this and not just cause “it’s a business requirement”

Sunday, November 30, 2008

We are becoming a Health conscious Republic!

As me and Pooh was walking in the mall, I noticed that Nescafe was having some kind of booth at the ground floor of SM CITY CEBU (along with AudioNet and other cell phone stores grand sale). Being a certified “I won’t function properly at work without coffee” I was curious and went see what the fuzz was all about. We just passed by and did not really stop to try out there new and healthy coffee (Interesting!). There were a lot of people lining up! I mean it a lot!

It actually got me thinking, people now a days are becoming health freaks (including me), we started to become conscious about the food that we eat, what we drink and our lifestyle. And gyms are starting to become very popular! Like metro sports, holiday gym and spa, Club ultima, fitness first and so on!.

Also one of the things I noticed was that L-carnitine became an instant hit. It all started with Fitrum (Loyalist here!), fit and right the fit and fab etc. Now even our coffee is becoming healthy; Nescafe is giving us a coffee that has 3 times more anti-oxidant than green tea! they called the program Nescafe Body Partner. Now I don’t have to feel guilty every time I consume around 4 cups of coffee in a shift.

Now it’s already becoming really healthy! And I am really happy on were we are going with this. I am not really a certified health freak (Yet!) but I am carefully watching my weight. Its not being vain it’s just being practical being sick causes more than buying healthy herbal supplements! Trust me I did the math!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pink Idioms: Hipon/Shrimp

Pink Idioms: Hipon/Shrimp

A guy with a great body but with an unattractive face.

The logic behind this is when you eat a shrimp/Hipon the only part of the shrimp that you can eat is the body and not the head. Now the opposite of this term is called a “Lollipop”, this means a guy with a not so attractive body (super skinny or chubby depending on your preference) but has an attractive face.

I have encountered a couple of blog talking about Hipon but seldom about lollipop, I don’t know if this is really the exact correct counterpart, now my biggest challenge would be to find the correct pink idiomatic expression of the following,

  • A person that has the complete package (face and body)
  • A person that has the opposite of what was mentioned above

Do you happen to know? send me a mail @ txtmate19 at yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Rush! What to do?!

Holiday is fast approaching; I can just see people clamoring on the hottest items and were to find a great buy. Department Stores are already starting to set-up Christmas decors and radio stations are already playing holiday carols. Thinking about it reminds me of my OH-So-Long list of people that they have to give gifts this holiday. Not to mention I have around 5 nephews who are so into toys it giving me a headache.

I work almost 10 hours a day, around 6 days a week. I am responsible for around 12 Customer Service agents. Personally I really don’t have the time to look for gifts; especially Now that my nephews already gave me their “DEAR SANTA” cards, The Pressure is on! Now I heard of sites online that will give you all the things you need in a click of a mouse. That’s nothing new, how about a site that compiles all of great buys from different online stores? I have discovered this new site online, SHOPWIKI.

What’s so cool about this site is that not only does it compile all the best deals online, but also give’s you a little background on the things that you buy. Now one of my nephew’s wish list was for basketball, now when you check on shopwiki, it also gives you all the things you need to know about basketball (equipments, overview on the game, etc). Hey! it also has NBA merchandise, now all I need to do is check and see who’s his favorite NBA player and buy an additional item! I think I can have my peace of mind now!

Just sharing my thoughts!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Worlds Most Expensive Book: "Michelangelo:La Dotta Mano"

The Worlds Most Expensive Book: "Michelangelo:La Dotta Mano"

Being a certified book worm and in an effort to find a good book to read, honestly i don't go for "whats the most popular" today. but rather go for the not so well known author, i really don't know why but suddenly as i search with my good friend, Google.com. i stumbled into this! the world’s most expensive book, this causes around 100,000 euros, which was $155,000.The book titled "Michelangelo. La Dotta Mano" meaning "the learned hand,"

the book has a front cover made of white marble from Michelangelo's favorite quarry, in Carrara.The binding is covered with red silk velvet handmade by the same shop in southern Italy as the main stage curtains at The Metropolitan Opera and Milan's Teatro Alla Scala. They not only call this the most expensive book but also “the most beautiful book in the world”

Worried about Warranty? The Michelangelo book has a 500-year warranty (amazing!)


  • The book is filled with photographs of Michelangelos drawings and sculptures — creations from the Sistine Chapel ceiling to his very personal poetry.
  • The book is filled with photographs of Michelangelo's sculptures and plates of his drawings, plus images of other creations, from the Sistine Chapel ceiling to his very personal poetry.

The display book was donated to the New York Public Library, a second to the Prado museum in Madrid and a third to the city of Bologna. In addition, more than 20 books have been sold so far to buyers around Europe and as far away as Malaysia,

The public can see "La Dotta Mano" from Tuesday morning through Dec. 8

if given an opportunity to personaly see this opening, why not! i ahve always been a great fan of art may it be modern or classic.

Source: New York Times- Art section


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