Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Rush! What to do?!

Holiday is fast approaching; I can just see people clamoring on the hottest items and were to find a great buy. Department Stores are already starting to set-up Christmas decors and radio stations are already playing holiday carols. Thinking about it reminds me of my OH-So-Long list of people that they have to give gifts this holiday. Not to mention I have around 5 nephews who are so into toys it giving me a headache.

I work almost 10 hours a day, around 6 days a week. I am responsible for around 12 Customer Service agents. Personally I really don’t have the time to look for gifts; especially Now that my nephews already gave me their “DEAR SANTA” cards, The Pressure is on! Now I heard of sites online that will give you all the things you need in a click of a mouse. That’s nothing new, how about a site that compiles all of great buys from different online stores? I have discovered this new site online, SHOPWIKI.

What’s so cool about this site is that not only does it compile all the best deals online, but also give’s you a little background on the things that you buy. Now one of my nephew’s wish list was for basketball, now when you check on shopwiki, it also gives you all the things you need to know about basketball (equipments, overview on the game, etc). Hey! it also has NBA merchandise, now all I need to do is check and see who’s his favorite NBA player and buy an additional item! I think I can have my peace of mind now!

Just sharing my thoughts!


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