Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday Night Safari (Can do cebu's 2nd year anniversary)

Saturday Night Safari (Can do cebu's 2nd year anniversary)

The Can Do CEBU team, celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, the theme was SAFARI SATURDAY. Everybody dressed up for the occasion, the food and drinks were overflowing! Aside from the fact that it was a really funny even it did proved one thing! That when there is teamwork, anything is possible! And that celebration was the evidence!

Agents, supervisors, Managers, trainers and QA'a working together to make this event work! No wonder we are on our second year and stronger than ever!

This was followed by an overwhelming dose of alcohol and laughter at kalye 80's, one thing i learned that night, never mix alcohol and niel all at one setting.. The result is both fun and catastrophic

Everyone was present! Too bad markee was not present!


Can DO CEBU Ops Team!


Fox said...

lageh....lageh..... Kandos2x mo... hmp! hahahhahaha... i meshu mga liki zubrah!

Dhon said...

i know! hehehehe
balik lang!! hehehhe


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