Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pink Idioms: Hipon/Shrimp

Pink Idioms: Hipon/Shrimp

A guy with a great body but with an unattractive face.

The logic behind this is when you eat a shrimp/Hipon the only part of the shrimp that you can eat is the body and not the head. Now the opposite of this term is called a “Lollipop”, this means a guy with a not so attractive body (super skinny or chubby depending on your preference) but has an attractive face.

I have encountered a couple of blog talking about Hipon but seldom about lollipop, I don’t know if this is really the exact correct counterpart, now my biggest challenge would be to find the correct pink idiomatic expression of the following,

  • A person that has the complete package (face and body)
  • A person that has the opposite of what was mentioned above

Do you happen to know? send me a mail @ txtmate19 at


♥FoodieZ♥ said...

hahahaha... Dhon, this reminds me of "our friend".. remember nag8 ta sa siomayan? na mention n2 ang hipon2x.. hahahaha... leche flan ug durian!!! bwahahaha... gudluck sa terminology search.. ;)

Dhon said...

those were the DAYS! nga cge lang ta ug eat!
i miss that! :D

Anonymous said...

I liked the idea of creating the idiomatic term for the above description. And so the search is on... LOL.

Dhon said...

i know amazing au ang mga idioms!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

why is it called pink idioms? is it an acceptable term?

Dhon said...

heheh.. i kind of made it up!
hehehe.. since they always refer our lifestyle as the PINK LIFE..

Anonymous said...

how about just use the term gwapo at panget? hehe.. hirap mag isip e.

nice post anyway!

Dhon said...

We actually had a brainstorming session with my colleagues. I will post other pink idioms that we came up with during our coffee meeting!


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