Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Orange lynx Batch 13 - Reunion

The date was September 19, 2005, I met this crazy and yet competitive bunch of people as I was hired to one of the outsourcing companies here in Cebu (Philippines),
We undergone New Hire orientation and was the proud member of Orange link-Sales batch 13.
more than 3 years had pass and a lot of us have moved on, some went out for the call center industries and some of us still managed to stay and some prospered.
Aside from constantly communicating with Gwendee and louella, I haven’t heared news from the other peeps.
Last Sunday Night, we met up for coffee at Starbucks (i wasn't able to get the stickers since they ran out Darn!) and drink/jam at the back of East West(Near Mango Avenue) . Since we were not really complete we decided to have another meeting.

Sunday (November 30, 2008) will be the official date for the Sales batch 13 reunion, I hope everyone can come and party/jam with us!


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