Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Worlds Most Expensive Book: "Michelangelo:La Dotta Mano"

The Worlds Most Expensive Book: "Michelangelo:La Dotta Mano"

Being a certified book worm and in an effort to find a good book to read, honestly i don't go for "whats the most popular" today. but rather go for the not so well known author, i really don't know why but suddenly as i search with my good friend, Google.com. i stumbled into this! the world’s most expensive book, this causes around 100,000 euros, which was $155,000.The book titled "Michelangelo. La Dotta Mano" meaning "the learned hand,"

the book has a front cover made of white marble from Michelangelo's favorite quarry, in Carrara.The binding is covered with red silk velvet handmade by the same shop in southern Italy as the main stage curtains at The Metropolitan Opera and Milan's Teatro Alla Scala. They not only call this the most expensive book but also “the most beautiful book in the world”

Worried about Warranty? The Michelangelo book has a 500-year warranty (amazing!)


  • The book is filled with photographs of Michelangelos drawings and sculptures — creations from the Sistine Chapel ceiling to his very personal poetry.
  • The book is filled with photographs of Michelangelo's sculptures and plates of his drawings, plus images of other creations, from the Sistine Chapel ceiling to his very personal poetry.

The display book was donated to the New York Public Library, a second to the Prado museum in Madrid and a third to the city of Bologna. In addition, more than 20 books have been sold so far to buyers around Europe and as far away as Malaysia,

The public can see "La Dotta Mano" from Tuesday morning through Dec. 8

if given an opportunity to personaly see this opening, why not! i ahve always been a great fan of art may it be modern or classic.

Source: New York Times- Art section


yoshke said...

500-year warranty! Astig! PWedeng pwedeng ipamana! haha

Dhon said...

hhehee.. i know!
that a total of 5 generations!

Yona said...

Amazing lagi ni! =D


i doubt teens would give a damn about that book. alam lang nila twilight. poor.

Dhon said...

i understand how you feel...

Anonymous said...

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