Saturday, September 27, 2008

--A much needed Break--

"Finally" was the word that came out of my head after my last shift...
The reason for this is, For the longest time, I will be out town……
I cannot even imagine the excitement, as you all know I am a certified WORKAHOLIC!
After almost a month since I applied for this leave and countless negotiation from my Boss.
I worked for 6 straight days so that my 3 day leaves be approved, I have to ask my colleague Markee to cover for me (Sorry markee, but as promised when I come back… I will not be the same Dhon as you remembered)

I know this Is a bit of a hassle for you guys, but I badly need to go, I laterally have a MAP of stress in my face. Aside from the fact that I promised POOH that I will be going with him to his hometown, he promised me that we will be everywhere in Dumaguete!
…POOH, you promised! hehehe

….I will not be able to access my blog, mails (personal), company emails (HURAAYYY!!!)

See you when I get back guys!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Of the two letters after my name! (R.N)

Its amazing how I have actually came to work in an outsourcing company, I worked my ass off during college practically did not sleep for a few days just to earn the right to put two letters after my name (R.N.)
Not to mention the anxiety, emotional stress of having to take the nursing licensure board with just around 10-15,000 other nursing students. “This is Insane!” That’s how I describe my college days. Just to realize that would end up as one of the middle management in an OUTSOURCING COMPANY!!!

What’s harder when I was taking that board exam was that I was assigned at the top floor and the last building. (I viewed that automatically as a sign of punishment for my wickedness.. but honestly, its just my nature!)
The view was great; OH boy was the View Great (*wink). I sat down beside Mr. --------.
Well he was only the representative of one of the school during MR PSNA, so yeah he was cute.
I was so determined not to break my concentration and Focus, so I turned him into my inspiration for that day. LICENSE NOW! PLAY LATER!!!! (I kept repeating it inside my head!)

*ANXIETY and Nightmare*

What’s Harder than taking a Test, were your reputation hangs in the balance? That would be waiting for the result that would come out, Oh in just 3 week! 3 weeks!
I started to have nightmares of the results of waiting for that Damn! Result!
I don’t even want to go near any computer, cause in my dream….
I was surfing he the net, then suddenly the screen would pop out in BOLD BIG LETTERS!
(In Neon Pink!)

Damn those nightmares were Freaky! They kept me up all night!
I was literally a walking zombie! Thin, almost looking really dehydrated and has dark circles around my eyes.. But take note! I was THIN! (EVIL LAUGH! BWAHAHAHAAHA)

*My Back-up Plan*
There was a time when we were in housed in that seminary near LEONAS in Mabolo, I forgot the name.
But anyways, it came to a point when I had doubts about whether or not I will pass or fail.
I mean, I don’t exactly have the IQ of my uncle albert E.
Anyways, that’s the time CALL CENTER went into my mind, so I was slowly checking up on the
SUN STAR SUNDAY – Classified Ads for hiring companies. So after that horrible horrible test my classmates and I decided to get wasted and be silly!
So that’s the time I started to apply for different companies and started to fell in love with the job.
Let’s all be honest here I mean we are paid more than being a MEN IN WHITE.
Compensation is good, the culture is excellent and the incentive is GREAT! Especially for my account!
SALES are always the best!
What became my Back-up plan, turned out to be a CAREER.
I do miss working with patient but not as much as working with excellent/fun loving people.

This is one of the Passages that struck me the most upon reading the book by Joseph Uysetuan. The book is actually a collection of his works that is published in “The freeman”.

In one of his published work titled: The "under bird" Sparrow. It started with a quote from the book of luke "Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by god".
At first it did not make any sense, what was the quote trying to deliver. but he explained;
as you know a sparrow is considered a common bird. It’s nothing compared to the majestic eagle or as colorful as the exotic birds. True! It just a regular “Brown Bird”…

BUT --- “Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by GOD”
Let’s face it how often do we feel that GOD has abandoned us, Be honest! As for me well a couple of times.
When my mother was in a COMA, when my heart was broken by someone, or when my dad was depressed. I felt that YES! God did abandon me.
Never loose hope, For he has never forgotten you, Like the sparrow he would who is a common brown bird to us but to him it is as Powerful as an Eagle and as Colorful as the Parrot just as important as any of his children...

... I just hope you will not forget him as well...


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