Friday, September 26, 2008

This is one of the Passages that struck me the most upon reading the book by Joseph Uysetuan. The book is actually a collection of his works that is published in “The freeman”.

In one of his published work titled: The "under bird" Sparrow. It started with a quote from the book of luke "Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by god".
At first it did not make any sense, what was the quote trying to deliver. but he explained;
as you know a sparrow is considered a common bird. It’s nothing compared to the majestic eagle or as colorful as the exotic birds. True! It just a regular “Brown Bird”…

BUT --- “Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by GOD”
Let’s face it how often do we feel that GOD has abandoned us, Be honest! As for me well a couple of times.
When my mother was in a COMA, when my heart was broken by someone, or when my dad was depressed. I felt that YES! God did abandon me.
Never loose hope, For he has never forgotten you, Like the sparrow he would who is a common brown bird to us but to him it is as Powerful as an Eagle and as Colorful as the Parrot just as important as any of his children...

... I just hope you will not forget him as well...


onlyvic said...

hi! i am an avid reader of Joseph Uysetuan. he really writes amazing stories. :)

Dhon said...

@Onlyvic -- I love Joseph Uysetuan work.. :)
a literary genius!


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