Monday, July 7, 2008


Let’s face it, in every single gal’s life; we encounter a lot of people. But more often than not we encounter a certain breed we call “RV” or Relation ship Virgins. These are the kind of breeds that surface once or twice in your lifetime and they are usually worth a day or two of BUZZ.

Take J for example, He does belong to this breed Self admitted “single since birth” and well it’s not safe to say never been kissed cause in today’s world you can sleep with someone who you do not have emotional attachment too. He is a very funny and singularly gifted guy in all aspect, But with all this golden traits there is bound to be a rusty side. The only question is… On which side is Rusty?

The common traits of this rare breed are that, they easily fall in love with you. I mean I only knew him for like 1 day after that really blurry night in a club in MANGO. We met up the next day hoping to see if there is a better side to this whole thing, let say “A new perspective”.
But before that, I already told him that I just got out of a relationship, and I am not ready yet to settle down. I want to take slowly (I know it’s corny… so SUE me!). After hours of Harmless flirtation and some lips Service (literally) to my surprise that he was asking that why do I always call him “friend”. Like duh?! We are friends right? I told him that from the very start of this I already told you and set proper expectation.

So form that moment forward… I never heard from him again… So “J” the moral lesson of the story is always read the fine print of the product before you even consider wanting it for yourself. You could be disappointed.


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