Monday, July 7, 2008

Winter: Is it finally over?

Finally, the snow has stopped and I am seeing the sunlight outside my windows. It has been weeks since my so called “Transformation” But believe me there is more to this winter then meets the eye.
Since I am going to be back in the shelves in the “singles” aisles in the department store called “LOVE LIFE” I have to find a way to pull myself together, clean the scratches and be sellable enough for any shopper to notice.

A night with the fabulous 4 (Moi, Paul, kiddie and Den) finally brought me back to my senses.
Why gloom over a Death, when you are bound to have a gret time with your friends.
Unlike some of our so called “friends” when we do have a love life, we do not “isolate the base”.
We always find a way to mix friendship with love life Period! Well enough said about that topic.
I should dedicate a BLOG about isolating the base soon. So watch out for it!
We just had dinner and did a lot of catching up to do and finally decide to continue what we had always planned to do get a haircut and hair color.
At almost ten we arrive at Talamban and went to JUN ESMA Salon and Spa, amazing place I can tell you for a fact the staff and the owner is very accommodating.
“PUFF” after 48 years and 3 hours we were finally done, my hair color is not that obvious well john’s and den as well. Kiddies Hair however was AMAZING! Loving the works K! You go girl!

So we said our goodbye’s at 12 midnight. I went directly to Mango square, to the place were breadcrumbs are all over the place, You got it right DOCE! I actually promised some of my agents that I will be there to have a drink with them and just have a really good time (See girls I was not ditching you for FUBUVILLE).So we really had a great time and for a short time I was in a different world finally I have escaped. We Drank a lot of stuff that made my head hurt, but as my old friend said “this is the only place were you do not use that head but the other one, hmmm F seems to be in a naught mood today. After being a social butterfly and just went all over the place and enjoy! I finally said goodbye to my sad old self and Welcomed the real me. One thing I can say girls “The Bitch is BACK”.

That is the same night I met “J”. We have been texting each other for a while. Exchanging quotes, angst and yes a little sarcasms. I finally realize that why not meet this person who seems t make my blood boil (just a little) with his crazy insensitive text messages. So we met at DOCE and not bad “J”. Great smile and well a little shorter than me but who am I to judge. Talked a little, flirt a little who knew that this person who gets into my nerves is actually cute. Well the Rest is History.
Which makes me wonder…? Is Winter Finally Over? Or I am just in its eye?

You’ll be hearing from me soon.


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