Friday, January 29, 2010


Its Saturday Night… the end of the work week (for some) and the official start of the weekend nightlife
Everybody knows that if you are in Cebu and you are looking to experience the cebu nightlife. Then there is one place to be,
MANGO Square.

Mango Square is strategically located in the heart of Uptown Cebu. It is very near the Hotel and the Cebu Provincial Capitol. It’s comparable to Malate (in Manila). It’s a place that contains a wide selection of Bars and coffee shops.


If you happen to be Gay (Discreet or Not) and you are in Cebu, there is only one place to go.
That would be the Numero Doce Bar, This is the BAR equivalent of Bed or O bar in malate.
It is here were all “the Mayas” flock every weekend, it almost like a weekly social affair for the sophisticated and fabulous cebuanos.

They are also famous for their Blue Kamikaze, and yes. In one night me and my friends can finish about 2-3 pitcher of Kamikaze and that does not include the Tandauy ice or GPS.

It is here were you get to see two men holding hands and kissing in public, dancing and kissing to the beat of either Trans or house music (mind you.. that’s very rare in cebu). Thus this is a perfect cruising spot in Cebu; if you are single and ready to mingle then I suggest that you visit this bar during the weekend and have fun! (*wink)

One of the things I love about this place; it’s a shelter for all the Cebu Maya’s out there.
This is the only place were you are free to be who you are and not be judge.

So, when you are in Cebu, head on over to Mango Square and have some fun in a relaxed and friendly environment

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As i was scanning my Facebook account, at first i was kind of excited to see 70 alerts.
Wow! there has to be a very interesting topic or gossip in which i was looped in to. To my surprise its one of those i tagged as nonsense;

  • Someone sent you a teddy bear
  • Someone poked you, you can poke them back (not sure about the verbiage)
  • Someone just threw a pillow on you (again, not sure of the verbiage)

I mean its cute when you get like 1-3 like that (specially if it came from your crush or special someone), but imagine 90% of your alerts are compose of that.. Annoying!

anyways, a good friend tagged this to my profile (i actually remove the tag) and found myself smiling..

Do you agree? :)

Monday, January 25, 2010


One of my friends from work was able to read my previous blog (Top 10 call centers in the Philippines), since then we were able to discuss the differentissues that call center employees experience. This includes (but not limited) to the following; Pressure in hitting the metrics (sales, CSAT, QA etc.), US time zone (Graveyard schedule) and erratic change in work schedules. All of this seems to lead to what we call the silent killer STRESS

According to Merriam Webster;

Stress is define as: a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation

Now we all have different ways of coping up with stress that includes sleeping, shopping, coffee or even getting drunk. For me, it has always been going to a SPA for a massage.


Hapuhap” meaning a gentle touch

I and my good friend Gwendee went out to eat at one of the new restaurants in Cebu Mango area.
After a very hefty meal, we decided to get a relaxing massage. So immediately we texted our good friend and one of the owners of HAPUHAP, Dr. Francis Xavier if they are still open and can accommodate us.

One thing I love about hapuhap is that it is located near the Fuente Area (Business, Hotel and Night Life district of of cebu) it takes about 5 minutes by Cab from Fuente to V.Rama.
(a map going to hapuhap)

We were greeted warmly by Xavier and provided us the list of services they have and at that time it was 20% off (My lucky day or what?!). I immediately notice the nice and calm ambiance of the place.

Slowly I drifted into a calm and blissful sleep (Gwendee told me I snored...Now, that’s just a clear indication that I was really enjoying my massage.. Don’t you agree?! )

Overall the experience was really great, both the owner and the staff were very accommodating.
Not to mention their price is very reasonable, not to mention they also do home service.

If you are looking for a relaxing and calming massages or SPA to De-Stress and detoxify
I would recommend visiting HAPUHAP and start getting rid of those stresses.

Contact Info:
3rd flr. LBR Bldg., V. Rama Avenue Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
tel. No.
(032) 417-4885

you can visit their websites:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 10 Call Centers in the Philippines

As we all know Philippines is currently in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) / CALL CENTER Boom and the demand for a Customer Service Advisor, Technical Support Advisor or Sales Agents are in an all time high.

Four years ago I found myself being one of those people submitting my resume to one of the pioneering call centers in CEBU. I just graduated from nursing and even if there is non result yet as to I passed the licensure exam, I feel that my calling is with this industry.

At that time you can count with one hand the call centers we have here in Cebu. As I browsed then internet I was surprised on how many call centers had emerge since then. Even Philippine based company has decided to outsourced or create an “In House” Customer Service.

Having all these options available for you to apply and eventually own. I think it’s only bi-fitting to know who the TOP 10 call centers in the Philippine.

1. HSBC EDP (Electronic Data Processing), Alabang
5150 North Bridgeway cor. Northgate Ave.
Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang 1781 Muntinlupa Philippines

2. Teletech, Pasay
Building F, SM Corporate Offices
1000 Bay Boulevard, SM Central Business Park
Bay City, Pasay City 1300 Philippines

8/F, Insular Life Building
6781 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1226 Philippines

4. Convergys, Cebu
R. Arcenas Street
Arcenas Estates, Banawa Hills
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

5. Convergys, Alabang
Block 44, North Bridgeway
Northgate Cyberzone Fillinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1770 Philippines

6. Sykes, Quezon City
2nd Floor K-Pointe Building
23 Gilmore Avenue
Brgy. Mariana, Quezon City
1112 Philippines

7. Teletech, Bacolod City

8. eTelecare Global Solutions, Alabang (currently known as Stream)

9. IBM Daksh

10. HSBC EDP, Makati


It’s good to know that at least there is one company coming from cebu amongs thousands of companies in the whole Philippines.

KUDOS to the top, middle management of these companies for taking care of your Employees

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project: Save for a Rainy Day

I am sure everybody is familiar with the Fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper. To those who are not familiar, it is a story between a Happy Go Lucky Grasshopper and the Hardworking ant.

Here is the synopsis of the Story:

The fable concerns a grasshopper who has spent the warm months singing away while the ant (or ants in some editions) worked to store up food for winter. When winter arrives, the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger, and upon asking the ant for food is only rebuked for its idleness. The story is used to teach the virtues of hard work and saving, and the perils of improvidence.


Well I got a really cold hard dose of reality last week when my credit card bill finally arrived covering the Holidays Yikes!

The entire holiday season i have been the grasshopper, now winter has come and well technically i am not dying of hunger or anything but you start to feel a little pressure in terms of Paying for your bills.

Now, since this year part of my New Year’s resolution is really to save up some money for the rainy days.
Not to mention it’s already summer and we are about to start our yearly tradition we call SALUTE to Summer and asking my mom for money is really not an option.

So I have come up with some idea’s on how you can re-enforce yourself to really save.

1.) Leave your Credit Card at Home – Yes! You heard me right friends. Since I am a self confessed shopaholic and I know some of you are also. Exercising self restrain is not enough, you need to make sure that when you passed by your favorite Boutique or store and see their new arrival you won’t grab the merchandise and toss your plastic on the smiling sales lady.

a. As much as possible use Cash instead of Card, the interest will kill you. If you don’t have enough cash, then save for it.

2.) Create an Account that is not connected to an ATM CARD then every salary day wire transfers a certain amount from your payroll account to your personal account. It’s not at all a hassle most of the Major Banks (China Bank, Union Bank, etc.) offers E-Banking or Electronic Banking and the standard transfer fee is only 25 pesos. (So... No excuses!)

3.) Post it Works – Always place a reminder on your Office Station, Planner and even on your cell phone. Again the key is awareness; you want to be always reminded of your goals.

4.) Limit your Night out to the Weekend (preferably every other week) – this might not be applicable to all but since I work on the second shift (2pm) I can still go out on a Friday night since I log-out at around 11pm.

a. That includes limiting Lunch out to expensive restaurants to a minimum.

5.) Set a Daily or Weekly Budget – This will allow you to control your spending and stick to it! Create a budget for everything: daily spending in the office, for clothing, toiletries and stick to Needs not Wants.

6.) List you’re Daily Spending – Yes! Listing/Tallying is not just for those who want to be conscious of your Diet but also if you want to be aware of your daily Spending. Like what they said, Awareness is the Key. Always remember you have an allotted Weekly/Daily Budget.

7.) Use Public Transportation as much as possible – Unless you are in a ball gown or you need to attend a very important affair then riding a cab must always be a last option.

I read an article once about saving money, it suggested that if you want to really save up for something let say to buy a car, or go on a trip you need a visual representation on your goal. Not limiting on post its or reminders on your planner. It suggested that you must open a bank account that is not connected to any ATM or connected to your checking account. On that bank book you write on the front what this bank book is for (BIG VISIBLE and LEGIBLE FONT).


The reason behind that is to make sure you still adhere to your goal and to discourage you from withdrawing any amount on that account, since it is already allotted for something.

Hope this Helps!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Re: It's Complicated

I took down the my previous entry “Its Complicated” yesterday after tart and me had a really long talk over Tanduay ice and you can say half a bucket of fried chicken and a bowl of hot gravy (YUM). It has become sort of bonding session an avenue for us to talk.

The it’s complicated blog tackled on our hidden relationship. Since tart is still not yet out of the closet and he is still coming to terms with his sexuality. I was already complaining about our situation and how it all sucks!

After 2 bottle of Tanduay Ice (each) and one hearty talk later. we were able to come into a compromise about our situation. I am sure that it wasn’t the alcohol talking; tanduay ice only has 5% alcohol.
We said our “I’m Sorry’s” and made our individual promises and in the end we just laughed about it.

..Somehow I knew after that heart to heart talk we had with tart, that everything will be okey…

For the first time, He kissed me in public… not one of those smack kisses that ends in a fraction of a second.

(My first Public scandal... Yikes!)

I was still in shock; I didn’t know that he would actually do it.
I always tease him about it and daring him and we would just laugh about it. But then that night he actually did it... (*Blush)
Don’t get me wrong, I am not into the whole PDA thing. But I have to admit I kind of liked it.
When you get that feeling that your partner is proud of you and that both of you just don’t care about what other people think and how they would react.

I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just for Laughs...

Just for Laughs...

on Friends...

on being Bitter

On Giving up

Monday, January 11, 2010


This January 16-17, 2009 (Sat-Sun) respectively, Cebu will celebrate the SINULOG.
One of the oldest celebrations in cebu dating back to the 15th century.
Devotees from all over the World (not just the Philippines) will flock to cebu in order to visit and fulfill their pledge to the Hold Child.

Photos by: Maxwell

This weekend, the streets of Cebu will be filled with colorful Floats and Dancers with various colorful costumes from all over the Philippines.
Photos by: Maxwell

But of course it wouldn’t be a celebration if there is no Street Party present!

To all the Cebuanos out there


Friday, January 8, 2010


i got this message from and old friend and i thought that i should share it with the rest of the world.
its a very simple message about loving and at the same time understanding your partner...

it's in Tagalog so for those who really are not well verse i am still trying to translate this is English.

Kapag mahal ka ng kapwa lalaki, dapat hindi mo din nakakalimutan na lalake din siya katulad mo.
Madaming kaibigan lalake na kaselos selos, Umiinit agad ang ulo, pabagobago ng Isip at desisyon
Pero huwag mo din kakalimutan n tulad mo….

Madalas din siynag masaktan…
Nananapak kung kinakailangan…
Humahagulgol kapag umiiyak…
At higit sa lahat…

Napakasarap din niyang magmahal..
Na Kahit buhay niya, handa niyang ibigay……


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rat’s life in the Year of the Tiger

2009 has or should I say was a very challenging year for me.
It was full of Ups and Downs more of like a Roller Coaster ride of emotions. The kind that you get to see on movies! Yes! I mean the BIG ONES…

Career was one of my priorities for that year; I wanted to be the top Team Lead in my account.
Not just monthly, quarterly but I was aiming on the Team Lead of the year.
I was able to gather monthly and quarterly top team lead award.
But on the last quarter of the year I decided to leave the company so I wasn’t able to get the Team Lead of the Year award. Tsk! i was pretty sure I was on the running for that award.

Oh well no use crying over spilled milk

For 2010 I made some list of goals that I want to accomplish;

Be Independent (will move out of my parents house and live on my own and not die due to malnutrition or worst starvation)
Buy a Laptop ( Since; my personal computer is a bulky and I really don’t know how to set it up)
Start a Bank Account New Bank Account (Since my current bank account has been depleted due uncontrollable splurges. I have to start from scratch! Phew!)
Go Back to Gym (For obvious reasons)

This is just a partial list of my 2010 Goals; hopefully before this list gets longer some of the items above have been scratched out already.

I will make this year of the Metal Tiger my best year yet!

BTW I took the liberty of checking the prediction of a Rat’s life in the Year of the Tiger. Here is the summary of the prediction I got online;

This year is going to be filled with good news and opportunities. This is a great time for Rat to transform their dreams into reality - to pursue the dream job, the dream position, the dream salary, the dream business etc. Do not feel that their dreams are out of reach as Rat will get the support, meet the right people and find the appropriate resources that can bring Rat to their goal. Keep their heart and mind open. Remember that no matter how good the stars align for Rat, Rat still have to do their part in order to reap the best out of it. On the other hand, there will be more disputes, arguments, betrayals and misunderstandings than usual in this year. Try to be humble, keep their self calm and objective at all times. Things will turn out well. Avoid being too stressed out. Watch out for being hospitalized and having surgery and being involved in accidents.


Loving the predictions so far!
I am keeping my fingers cross and keeping a positive mind set. Hey! I am a believer of the saying;

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Season 4: Love – Friendship – Career – Memories

“Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends.”

I had a though and it scared me, I was imaging what my life would have been if I didn’t meet you guys.
I am sure I would still be alive and kicking since like what they say:
“Ang Masamang Damo matagal mamatay” (Bad Weeds Die Slowly)
(I am not sure if that is the correct translation. But you get the point)

But I know it will not be as colorful, as Fun or as fulfilling as it is right now.
So with that... I would like to say;

Thank you….
For the Friendship and loyalty
For the unconditional Love
For the Career Advises and Support
For the Memories that will always be in my heart


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