Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As i was scanning my Facebook account, at first i was kind of excited to see 70 alerts.
Wow! there has to be a very interesting topic or gossip in which i was looped in to. To my surprise its one of those i tagged as nonsense;

  • Someone sent you a teddy bear
  • Someone poked you, you can poke them back (not sure about the verbiage)
  • Someone just threw a pillow on you (again, not sure of the verbiage)

I mean its cute when you get like 1-3 like that (specially if it came from your crush or special someone), but imagine 90% of your alerts are compose of that.. Annoying!

anyways, a good friend tagged this to my profile (i actually remove the tag) and found myself smiling..

Do you agree? :)


parteeboi said...

it's funny. but i disagree. you'll be surprised to find out other straight things. :)

Gram Math said...

i am also thinking the same but on the second thought, i'd agree with parteeboi. i still know a lot of straight guys and a lot of straight things.

Anne said...

Straight or not, I still believe that it's just so great to be half Filipino and half Filipina and to be happy and gay! :)

Rygel said...

i'd add to that the part of being tagged in a picture that you're not in.

Cookster said...

Katamaran na lang yung pag tag tapos wala ka naman dun. Ako I donwload the pics then upload it...

Dhon said...

@Parteeboi -- hahaha.. like what?

@Gram Math -- Hahahaha.. Like what guys?

@Anne -- Amen! :)

Dhon said...

@Rygel -- I know.. Annoying sometimes.. also.. mas gusto ko naman yung ako nalang ang mag tag sa sarili ko.. :)

@Cookster -- could be katamaran. or could be that they just want to make fun of you.

kokoi said...

di naman ako masyadong natatag sa mga ganun. pero pag ako tinag dun sa Ruler na yun, wala lang. ignore. :) pero sa pillow fights at sa mga di ko gustong apps, hide na lang ng hide ang ginagawa ko.. :)

/iambrew said...

if i want to get people's attention, i tag them. hahaha. peo i kinda agree, minsan kasi wala talagang kwenta yung mga notifications. itaTag ka wala ka namang kinalaman dun sa picture...

i agree with parteeboi, marami pa namang straight jan sa tabi tabi - straight sumubo. lol.

nice blog. cge link kita. :)

JAbbeRedONiON said...

dhon did i offend you for tagging you on this pic? or did you untag yourself because you don't want to get notifications for all the possible replies?
whatever it is, sorry...

Dhon said...

@kokoi -- i agree.. annoying yung ibang apps.

Dhon said...

@/iambrew -- Lol.. it's fun at first. kind of sweet.. but get to be really annoying. imagine 70 notification 90% ay walang kwenta.. nakaka-inis

Dhon said...

@ JAbbeRedONiON -- i sent you message via Yahoo Messenger. Hindi naman ikaw eh! :) No need to say i'm sorry debs.. were Cool

isel said...

mas nakakainis yung mga pang spam na facebook apps. yung pagclinick mo bigla na lang magpapadala ng notification sa mga friends mo. *palmface*

citybuoy said...

ang straight nalang ngayon ay ang nagpa-rebond. haha

Dhon said...

@isel -- i couldn't agree more!

Dhon said...

@citybuoy -- nyahahahaaha... after a couple of weeks.. its going back to its original state.. Not Straight. :)

lin said...


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