Sunday, November 2, 2014


I was having a conversation with my cousins partner yesterday and somehow apart from our financial conversation we somehow talked about our relationship or in my case the lack of.

we got to talk about current situation and how Important communication is and that it's vital for partners to talk. when I was talking I suddenly had to make some statements  that if these questions was asked 5 years ago I would be able to answer it confidently and with conviction. Now, as I am making my statement I somehow am having doubts. The question was "do you believe in long distance relationship?"

I had a 15 second pause before and after my answer.  And if you are curious about my answer being an eternal  optimist when it comes to love. Was a resounding "Yes"...

Vin's face  being an eternal pessimist. I couldn't even describe it.. "enjoy it lang.. you do know where that is going right?..."
"YES" That was my answer... "from the very beginning I already saw red flags all over.." I was really talking fast so he wouldn't notice that I was trembling... "People change and people move. For the right reasons and right conditions. Someday will know but for now I am happy with what we have.. even if we refuse to put any labels on it..."

At the back of my head.. " when the time comes dhon...will he? Will u take that step to relocate?........"

I quickly changed topic and diverted the question back to him and his relationship. 

Since our conversation last night. I am having doubts and fears.. its like walking into a mine field. Baby steps but even that is a potential disaster waiting to happen ... i don't know anymore...


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