Monday, July 7, 2008


(What is the boundary from making friends to ruining a Relationship?)

In our society cheating or the act of being unfaithful is one of the most rampant yet silent killer of relationships. Other people are considering this as a capital offense and is worthy of a death sentence. This might sound cruel right now but you have to admit, when you experienced this or when someone did this to your closes friends you wanted to slit the throat of the bastard who did it. But really the underlying question that I have is… How do you set a boundary from trying to cheat to just plain making friends?
Society creates norms which are use as a Standard to what is acceptable and what is a taboo. But Cheating has been here since the dawn of time it is even in the bible and has been one of the best kept issues in our society. Has society already accepted the fact that human as we are, cheating on a partner is considered acceptable? What do you think? I rather believe and focus on the positive side of the people and adapt to the concept of “DO NOT GENERALIZE”. I have a friend who I know for a fact cheated on his partner and his partner is also cheating on him. But the difference between them is that my friend was so good in hiding his Affair he was never caught, NOT ONCE (AMAZING!) but his partner was the opposite. You get the picture. Now which is more Sinful?

After Days even weeks making this blog and doing my research I was able to talk to people around me and ask them what their stand on cheating is.

· Out of 10 people, 9 answered that friendship is the first step into cheating or would lead people to cheat.
· Out of 10 people, 5 answered that Cheating is a stage or a phase in a relationship.
· Out 0f 10 people, 7 informed me that he/she was a 3rd wheel once in a relationship
· Out of 10 people, 6 confirmed that they are having doubts with their partners and are just scared to
acknowledge the problem or talk to their spouse about it.

All in all this blog/article of mine is merely one of the many researches that I am trying to do in order to better understand the human behavior in a certain setting. This is article is a tool used to enlightened you with the facts and should not be a basis on how you run your relationship.

You’ll be hearing from me soon…


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