Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meme: Lights, Camera, Shades

Lights, Camera, Shades

Post Script: Debs, sorry for the backlog and since i was tagged by you and i am considering it as a rare opportunity for my part. Here is my meme entry.....

i am tagging the following people ( i only have a couple of people in blogspot!)

  • upload the most interesting pic you have on your camera phone
  • create a caption in three words and write it below the pic
  • post this same entry in your blog
  • include the caption in the title of your blog
  • pass it on to 5 of your friends who will pass it on to their friends and so on...
  • when you're done, leave a comment on the IT's meme entry that you are.



Mhaldito~ said...

done Poh....


Dhon said...

Thanks pooh.. yap.. saw it!!!!!


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