Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just recently realized that there are a lot of online gamers in my account.

They approached me and ask if the old plans to have an online/gamers club since henrey and giovz started the RUBU (Running Buddies) club in my account.

So I did the leg work and yes there are a lot of people wanting to play like DOTA, Counterstrike etc.,

so with the help of Ian P, Paul, louise and Gelou we will be establishing;

C.A.T (Cyber Athlete Tournaments)

Here is our teaser that we will be posting on our support site;

it will just be a friendly game. The team that looses will have to pay for the internet fee of the other team... that's just one of the possible rules, but if we will be doing it more often and we have alot of participants then we will definitely do a TOURNAMENT!

its all in the name of team work and sports…

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