Thursday, December 4, 2008


It’s the season again! Early this morning It started to hurt.
When I went to the office, most of my agents were also suffering from it.
The puffy eyes and red nose!

no they were not crying over love problems.

It’s FLU season again, agents are coughing and sneezing and the bad thing about it is if you are working in a cell center, it’s very cold due to the air-conditioning and the air is not safe/clean because you are in a compressed air environment.
This is bad, I don’t really want to get sick since I have a lot of things to attend to and also I haven’t finished my weekly coaching quota for my agents…

So guys! Stuck up on your meds and as early as now drink water, take vitamins and also have enough rest!…. Achoooo!

Just a friendly reminder, Achooo!


DATS said...

i have that now since last week end...very bad.

wanderingcommuter said...!

its been two months now and still counting!

Beejing said...

Woot! You really made a blog about our Achoo craze in the office!

Dhon said...

Hi Dats, thanks for droppin by!
i also read your blog! hahay! the flu season!

dhon said...

@ wondering commuter!
--> 2 months? wow.. i think you should see a doctor dude.

Dhon said...

i know!!! hehehehehe amazing!

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, we must be careful about our health now that the season is getting colder. Nothing beats an ounce of prevention to avoid getting sick. Thanks for the practical post. God bless you always.

jericho said...

yay! kailangan ko ng mag-drugs... meds pala.. hehe

Dhon said...

--> yes.. the age old saying still applies.. prevention is better than cure....

Dhon said...

--> oo nga! Drygs rule! lol... literally drugs are still meds!


take centrum everyday..
if u wanna be complete..

Dhon said...

tama ka diyan.. mag centrum ka nalang..


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