Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bulaklak ng ABP

The search is on for the flower that will represent our very fun and yet I am proud to say Performing account! I am proud also to say that two of my agents are in this contest, but even if that’s the case I would still salute all of them! Hats off to you girls!

The program proper and coronation night will be at Oct. 18, 2008 at villa teresita (Talisay)
The battle of Wits, confidence, intelligence, and beauty will be held there!
Let see whose beauty will reign supreme!

I can’t wait!

It takes a real man to be in this contest!

For the complete pictorial and photo shoot please click on the following link (oslec’s multiply)

We would like to thank oslec for this amazing pictorial! Truly amazing works of art!
And can you imagine this is just his hobby!

*bulaklak means Flower


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

liki ra!!!

Mhaldito~ said...


Hoecst.. Miss Photogenic...


Dhon said...

@jabbered onion
--> Check! liki ra jud! excited nako.. i can't wait!

Dhon said...

--> i will tell H about that pooh!
he already said thank you for the support!

Mhaldito~ said...

I have Angel's tounge ra ba poh!



Nalingaw jud ko sa mga pics...

as in...

dana said...

atakihon ko sa concept...
atakihon sa kalingaw...
pyede muadto? with george? pyede?

Dhon said...

--> Good luck to H!!!!

Dhon said...

I removed the picture of the contestant. to avoid liki moments with their parents or relatives..


oslec said...

don, hihi, matay, thank you thank you.

recklessabandoned said...

i can't seem to find the pictures in oslec's page. but nevertheless, it really is currently THE talk of the account. i shared the event with a fellow trainer and we both agree that your management team can really find ways of maintaining a high esprit de corps environment.

more than the numbers that it can produce, OD activities such as this is definitely an intangible way of retaining people and keeping a solid group amongst yourselves.

hehe.. corny na.. i'm again getting to be too analytical with things.

but anyways, i wish that i can be physically present to support the event. if beyonce is joining (which i'm not second guessing isn't), my prayers are with him.. er.. her.. in the contest.


Dhon said...

--> Welcome! Welcome! it really was a work of ART!!

Dhon said...

-->for the photo's that is why i also removed them from by blog because we want to protect their identity (honestly). i think oslec sent it to selected people only also to make sure that the guys /girls are protected.
But thanks for the vote of confidence to our management Di-ey!
and yes you are getting analytical again.. i thought you will be on site by this week? its on the 18th.. Yes beyonce is definitely joining!

recklessabandoned said...

margaux is coming here in manila instead of me going there so that we can transfer the project to her. : )

i already saw the picture posted in the support site. two words for oslec...

i like.


Dhon said...

-Really now! wow.. i thought well at least some manila folks will be there to attend the said event!


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