Thursday, October 9, 2008

Half Truth and Whole Lies

It was again another lazy workday, since I have basically finished all my deliverables and I was just listening to some random calls…


my yahoo messenger was suddenly blinking

<*>: D, you there?

<@>: Hey wassup?! Its been a long time! How are you?

<*>: You know, still the same

<@>: we haven’t bonded since last month! Hehehe

<*>: Check! so... Have you heard!

<@>: Heard about what?

<*>: Remember Z!

<@>: yeah, I remembered him! What did he do?

<@>: (ding!) Still there?

<*>: We met each other the other day at the mall, He told me that is acting head nurse on one of the private hospitals here in the city.

<@>: Wow amazing! He is so lucky!

……. After a couple of hours, I was also chatting with someone who works on that hospital and I suddenly remembered my conversation with N and told him the great news!

<@> hey did you know that Z is already an acting head of something in a hospital! Isn’t that great?

<$> really?! I mean he is a senior D, but not the head. Although he acts like the head but he is not a head nurse.

<@> ………..

I was speechless of a moment, it got me thinking. Why do people go to great lengths to lie?

What do they get by exaggerating there position or even their Job description!

On the top of my head!

It could be PURE EGO! So that people will view their life as VERY Interesting! And the other is just a compulsion. I didn’t stop there; I went around and ask most of my friends with this.

The most common answer that I got centered on being selfish and Ego boost!

I am not going to be a hypocrite and tell that I have never lied or told half truth of a story.

Sometimes it’s deem necessary, to protect someone or to spare someone from pain. I consider that as a noble act and deserve’ my Friendship medal. if the reason is neither of what was stated above , then you are an ATTENTION Wh*$e (Me, me focus on me).

Just my opinion


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

liars! i hate them too.

Dhon said...

Yeah! i super hate them too..
don't worry debbie! you are not alone!

Beejing said...

So, this is the entry you've asked me last night. Anyway, the world's not perfect and so are we...that's the sad truth.

Dana said...

oooohhhh. how many times have you heard people say they "tell a lie to spare other people's feelings"?

Do you agree with this?

C said...

somehow that reason (to spare people's feelings) has become the most abused reason why people lie.. not only is it completely egocentric, its also another lie, and its probably bigger than the previous lie told! hhaayyy, what has become of the world?

-Solstice- said...

i think, its noble for a friend trying to protect a friend with another lie. but yes the lie is still there, but i would say "Better me than my friend". we are fooling ourselves if we think that are friends are not hurt as well.

dana said...

correct! it's making another big mistake - lying to spare other people's feeling.

Dhon said...

--> i know! the world is not perfect, but people are making things worst by lying! darn!

Dhon said...

--> thanks for the comment dana..
i agree with C, that's its the most abuse excuse. but lets not forget that it all boils down to the reason why they told you a half lie!


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