Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cyber Game of Love

As I was strolling today in SM city cebu with pooh, we were just walking, talking and having a good time (quality time).

We went to the top floor and try to see what movies would interest us; we really do not have plans yet since I work at 5 pm (Darn!). I came across this movie entitled SEB, sounds very interesting and well we can both relate because we practically live also in cyberspace (friendster, my space, face book etc.)


(Cyber game of love)

Really caught my attention, it does make sense. We all have dark secrets, secrets we do not tell even our closest friends and we find ways to vent it out. Cyberspace is usually the place we go through to escape.

I haven’t watched it yet but I will be finding a way to put that on my schedule. Here is to hoping!

I am also Happy that SM well management, did play this movie. As far as I remember they really stick to Family Oriented Films. I even remembered before that they did not play “Broke Back Mountain” and “the Da Vinci Code”. I have nothing against SM management because they do have the right to filter whatever they want to play on their CINEMAS. I am just happy that they opened up to this kind of Art film! And hopefully more will come.

I hope this will not be the last time they will show an Indie Films that depict the current scenario’s of the modern Filipino/Filipina.

I hope that they didn’t just do it because the current rending is moving towards independent film makers.

I hope that if they do decide to become family oriented again, they will not only focus on the good side. But more often than not it is also good that we get a good dose of the dark side of the modern Philippines, It will and should keep us grounded.

I hope…

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