Wednesday, October 1, 2008

--Back to Reality--

After let say around 3 days of literally not in being able to access your work emails (yehey!), and no call-in’s (Thanks Team), it was safe to say that I was a bit revitalized by this lakwacha of mine.

The dreaded day came when I have to leave my worry free life and go back to reality; 3 days went by so so so fast. DRAN! I went back to work and spent almost the entire day absorbing the events that had happened for the last 3 days that I was gone (Reading emails, saying hi to everyone, lets just I was indirectly asking them “WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST?”…

*****So So So??!!******

These were one of the main questions that my friends, office mates, agents and even my bosses literally asked me. Guys! I am not going to go into details! My official public release is
“It was a Very Relaxing short vacation with POOH and we are planning to do it more”.
I just realize that they were not entirely asking about my dumaguete adventure but more on meeting pooh parents, well they were great people! And I never felt sooo welcome in my life!

*****Happy Bubble! ******

The moment I got back, and looked at my station and our board my manager left a really interesting message to my team. I just said to myself “I am in a happy place right now” just for comfort myself but hey I didn’t mind that. They asked me for analysis, questions and opinion about my lines, I replied with a smiling face cause as I say “it’s just a JOB” and job is just a part of a life and not my entire life.

--> Ever since I have always been a skeptic about vacations and relaxation day, but I highly recommend it not just to enjoy your well earned money but also to remove that Stress line that well soon be an age line and I am telling you ahead it isn’t pretty!
Get rid of those stress and burn outs! It’s a killer!


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

welcome back to the real world crackling! it's nice to know that you enjoyed your vacation. :-). when will i ever have a vacation with my POOH. wahahahah...

Dhon said...

Ms. Crackling!
hahay! i winsh i could have extended more..
Iwth you pooh... you will soon!!!



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