Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a way to start my Work Week!

Shortly after I arrived at work I noticed that my station was quite messed up. Hmmm
Something was not right, so when I tried turning on my PC. It seems not functioning at all.
I just realized that mark did send me an SMS earlier this day informing me that I had an error on my PC.
CRAP”, I remembered that it was a Blue screen Error! Again “CRAP!!!!”
I logged in to another supervisor’s station and our CMS station to check on my email.
Amidst a dozen emails we get everyday, I stumbled on this email from our IT team.
Jona, my colleague already escalated this concern day before.

In case you cannot read it.. it goes something like this!

From: IT team
To: Dhon; Jona; etc...
Subject: Inaccessible Boot Device


Your PC has been fixed.
Donald station can't be repaired. We need to reformat his PC.
Please inform him that we need to reformat his PC and we might not be able to retrieve his files saved on the affected PC.
We will be waiting for his response.

IT Specialist, IT Department

This has already happened to me thrice!
Good luck to my reports! deliverables! good luck!!!!!!!!

Breathe in…Breath out…. Breathe in… Breathe out…. (Trying to relax!!!)
hmmmm..... Maybe amidst the bad news!, I will be receiving some good news soon!
-- always an optimist!


Dana said...

Hi Dhon, I can imagine the effort in making those reports all over again. :( But hey, look at the brighter side, it'll make you an uber expert in excel and performance analysis once you redo everything again. (hihihi)

Dhon said...

Wow.. dana!.. Ever supportive sa ako mga endeavors...
hahay! THINK POSITIVE! Ill think ill be chanting on that for quite sometimes...

Yona said...

Wow! Mareng Dana is uber! =D
Lola, this happened thrice already?! Tsk, tsk.. I'm smelling conspiracy. =D

Dhon said...

as in LOLA, naka feel ko nga naa naglagot nako! hehehehehe kay cge lang ka guba ang ako PC.. c jenny jud ni.. ako jealous lover...

Dana said...

Mga Lola! Mga Mareng! You are all into blogging now? Behind ko sa current events... Hihi

Dhon said...

As in.. we are all into blogging na... naa ang mga current events diri... reda nalang our blogs! nyahahahahaa

JAbbeRed ONiON said...

arrggghhh!!! that is just so not right!!! how can that happen to you thrice?

Dhon said...

as in mother cracklings! i think.. i don't know.. ako lang jud permi! pag ka liki oist!!!

recklessabandoned said...

I guess things like this are meant to happen. Same thing with losing other equally important stuff -- like e-mail archives. Darn! But then again, even though we lose things that we think really means a lot to us, we can still manage and survive the day... crazy ain’t not... much to our being optimistic with things... ergo; getting over our tantrums and inner cursing, we subsist , accept things, and move forward starting from scratch, again(either you pick up the pieces or lose your marbles and just make a mess of yourself)

Doggonit.... life!


Beejing said...

OMG. I just can't believe that a lot of us are now blogging!

This is just like Gossip. Hmmm...

Anyway, Dhon your PC is acting nutts. It happened to me twice already and I think someone's against us! Bwahaha! Could it be because we know how to... beat IT. LOL-ing


Dhon said...

So your saying that the 3 archive lost in a year.
is ment ot be?! heheheh
Nice one Di-ey! thanks for the comment. whats your blogspot? or blog account? hehehe let me link you up

Dhon said...

Ano petcha na! asa naman ang IT oist..
Gossip is Godd but i need cash.. i think alot of people just needs to voice out concerns or opinions about LIFE LOVE and LUST...


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