Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The boy who cried wolf!

As I was sitting at my station after doing countless reviews on my agent’s calls, I got a sms message from an old colleague saying that we will have a sun rise for 1.5 days (36 hours on October 17, 2008). It sounded really amazing! So googled the event, that strange I am not seeing it on the news. It should make the headlines by now since it only happens every 2400 years.
In the message it indicated that the source is CNN/BBC news. So CNN here I come! Hmmm… I’m still not seeing the big event.
I checked with BBC, still not seeing it! And the site did say that the last update was 15 minutes ago.

Finally after trial and error with I was able to find related news to that even! At

Then it got me thinking, why people would go to great lengths just to spread faux news!
If he will send me an sms regarding another even soon, I will take it against him and will not immediately believe him.
Sound familiar? Yes it like in the story “THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF”. Too little, too late!

Personally, I have nothing against the person.
I would just like to emphasize on being careful if you forward information to your friends or colleague.
I’m sure he just got it from another friend, who was sent by his friend etc.
I suggest checking them out and validating them.
Since this will leave a lasting impression to them! In short your name hangs on the balance!
And plus your wasting money!

Just my Opinion!


Yona said...

Tsk, tsk..

Strong words. =D

Dhon said...

hehehe i know..
sometimes you cant help but be annoyed with it.. but hey! i am as always an optimist!

beejing said...


I agree with Ms. Yona. These are such strong words from a person like you.


Anonymous said...

hi. thank you for following in6words.=)maybe your friend should contribute to in6words, too, seeing he is such a great FICTION writer in SMS. altho we have a 6-word limit, we are still in dire need of a sci-fi flash fic.=)

Dhon said...


this is just my opinion!
thanks for dropping by!

Dhon said...


i did submit my entry to you! i hope it will get published!


d-a-n-a said...

Oh my!


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