Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reproductive Health Bill 5043 (Be Aware)

Dear Bloggers/Friends,

Today, I got an email from a good friend about regarding an online petition and reproductive health bill.
Personally I am a strong believer on this bill and as such I want to spread the news. Please take time to browse/read through the content of the letter and if you agree to this then sign on the petition.
Overpopulation results in poverty and this is something that we need to take seriously, looking at those homeless children and people who cannot even have a descent meal really breaks my heart.
Please let us support this!


Currently there is 4719 signatures for this Bill.


To: GO’s / NGO’s / LGU’s and Socially Responsible Filipinos

Re: Reproductive Health Bill 5043

We know that there are many lay Catholics who believe that couples should have the options to chose other Family Planning Methods, in case the Natural Family Planning Method is not applicable to them, rather than having too many children they can’t afford to provide for their needs, resulting to many children being uncared for, malnourished, some dying at a young age! or will be snatchers, offenders, criminals and bad elements our societyHowever, some of may just be “blind followers” or afraid of the threats of the church or silent for various reasons, but if YOU decide to Speak Up and be heard for the sake of the many poor families who can have a decent and quality life even if they are poor . . . or ensure that you and your law abiding family will not be victim of the bad elements of our society, in the future . . . you may join us - “The Catholics - for Quality Life!” .There is an on-going online signature campaign for the immediate passage of the RH Bill, if you support the Bill, pls go to or if you have Filipino friends here and abroad who you think are Socially Responsible, please pass this on to them.For those who want to know more about the RH Bill or a discussion on the topic or are interested, to join the ”The Catholics - for Quality Life!” pls. contact us or give us your contact numbers inc. e-adds.Thank you very much!


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

signed the petition na. :-)

Dhon said...

Thanks Jabbered onion!
for taking time to fight for this cause!

C said...

signed, sealed, and delivered.. hopefully.. :)

Dhon said...

Thanks C!
Yes hopefully!


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