Friday, October 3, 2008




1: an attitude of mind marked by skepticism especially about nearly everything affirmed by others 2 : a tendency to refuse to do, to do the opposite of, or to do something at variance with what is asked

neg·a·tiv·ist \-vist\ noun or adjective

neg·a·tiv·is·tic \ne-gə-ti-vis-tik\ adjective

I was talking with my good friend “O”, when we finally had time to chitchat over smoke break. we tackled on this topic it was about his partner who he said he is quite disturbed with the recent change of behavior. I was all totally in the mood for DEFENDING LOVE,

“Maybe he is just stressed from work”

“Maybe you misunderstood his action or intentions”

O has doubts that he is cheating on him, communicating with an ex, etc. the list goes on and on.

The O told me that this was the behavior that he displayed before when he caught him cheating.

Then suddenly I was thinking, and told him that I do not blame him for being having that mindset.

My only suggestion was to him since he asked me for one is to talk with his partner, communicate and prepare for the answer that he is asking for.

i was pondering over my conversation with O, it got me to think why do some people think of bad things over the unknown? Let say if you were not informed over certain things and then on your head reason’s or theory are already popping for the possible reason and paranoia. Usually NEGATIVE ONES!!

in my opinion, one would be experience; if for some reason the person had experienced almost the same scenario’s before and it yielded a negative result. This causes us to go on a defensive mode. I asked my friends and love ones over this, the most common answer is they are preparing themselves ahead on that bad side so that when it is really bad then it will not hurt as much.

True! It’s preparing for the worst, so that it will not hurt as much. If the outcome would be positive it is so easy to deal with! but never stop being an optimist! you will not go blind just by looking at the positive/brighter side of the situation.


JAbbeRed ONiON said...

you know what cracker, i so agree what your friends told you. i am guilty of thinking negatively. and the only reason i have for thinking that is really to just prepare myself for the worst outcome. and sometimes, it turns out differently from what i expected and then i feel guilty.

Dhon said...

Thanks Ms. cracklings..
honestly i think we are all guilty of doing this at some point.. its our defense mechanism.. so that we can somehow lessen our pains..

freddy said...

i do agree with your opinion with negativity... thats why i always think positive. even so...if things really were meant to be a failure.. then we cant do anything about it.. thats its nature.

Dhon said...

true.. we are pretty much very guilty.. cause its in our nature as much as we want to change it.. it will take time and OH alot of practice..


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