Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thundercats The Movie

Does that name ring any bells? Well it should. It was one of the most famous Cartoon’s During the 80’s and even on the early 90’s.   I grew up loving them and Hating MUMM-RA (Yes! the demonic, mummified sorcerer/Antagonist and his minions) basically it’s a science fiction and fantasy rolled into the traditional good-versus-evil tale.

You can check out Plot here

I just heard very “Crazy” news that they are going to turn THUNDERCATS into a movie. Then I though It might be possible but I was seriously having doubts since I heard the news in Facebook

So I took the liberty of checking online via my best friend GOOGLE; it turns out that the movie is now in production and is being financed by Warner Brothers and is set to be release either this year (2010) or summer 2012.

Still a little blurry on the details, I guess since they will be using CGI technology; although i am not familiar with how it works but i guess its going to take sometime with the concept plus the production plans and all that jazz.. 

let's just wait and see if this movie will push through, like what they say about movies in production "nothing is sure until the company itself will release the official trailer" :) 

but i am still so excited about this movie! It’s going to be one of my MUST WATCH at ALL COST movie.
i am even following them on twitter (



Menthos said...

I am not a big Thundercats fan. I barely remember watching it during my younger days. With that said, I am eagerly awaiting the movie version. Hoping that it will give life back to the old and classics.

melody said...

i would love to watch its movie--- thundercats

Dhon said...

@Menthos -- hopefully! with the current CGI techonology they better make it good!

@Melody -- Me too!!!!! (Crossing his fingers)

Anonymous said...

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