Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let us Support EARTH HOUR

On March 27, 2010 Let us join Millions of people from around the world in celebrating EARTH HOUR.
This an awareness movement on how we are slowly causing the climate change; that means Meaner Storms such as Super Typhoons or Hurricanes, Melting of the ice caps.. etc.

Here in the Philippines, I am sure you have noticed it. Our typhoons were becoming very frequent in fact we even have an incident were in two typhoons hit us at the same time. One factor that caused that incident can be attributed to Climate Change.

Did you know?

·          Because of climate change, the loss of Arctic sea ice is destroying the habitats of polar bears and walruses, threatening their survival.

·          Because of climate change, In the Caribbean, warmer temperatures are skewing gender ratios of sea turtles, undermining the stability of the species.

·          Because of climate change winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing could become a thing of the past in many areas of the US.

·          From trout fishing in Montana to waterfowl hunting in Arkansas, many recreational activities enjoyed by Americans are at risk from climate change.

·          Most of us will experience climate change in the form of extreme weather: floods, droughts, heat waves and stronger storms and hurricanes.

·          Globally, climate change is causing glacial melt, sea level rise, loss of Arctic sea ice, increased insect infestation, wider spread of diseases and extreme weather eve

On March 27, 2010 at 8:30 p.m
We request all of you guys to support this movement by switching off your lights for just an Hour.

It doesn’t mean that after the earth hour is over you will go back to polluting the environment. Here are some tips on how to live Green.

·          Purchase energy efficient appliances. They cut carbon pollution and save you money!

·          Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine are always full before you run them as this will save energy and money

·          Weather-proofing your home is a great way to save energy. Caulk your doors and windows, add insulation or add shades to use in the summer!

·          Leaving your computer for awhile? Put it on stand-by & it will take less energy than shutting down and restarting

·          Fix leaking faucets. The constant drip wastes water, energy and money, so repair them as soon as possible.

·          Eat more veggies! On average, it takes nearly 10 times as much fossil fuel to produce animal protein compared to plant protein

·          Unplug appliances and phone charges when they aren’t in use. If they’re plugged in, they’re drawing energy and costing you money.


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

earth hour nanaman?! nagre-recover pa nga ako from the last time!!! joke! :D

Dhon said...

ʎonqʎʇıɔ -- ano ba kasi ang ginawa mo last time?

Mon said...

nice one. i've been thinking of writing about global warming and earth hour for a week now. lagi kong nakakaligtaan. thanks for this post. served as a reminder, :)

Monz Avenue

Dhon said...

Mon -- Welcome and No Problem


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