Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DotA all star

Defense of the Ancients or more commonly known as DotA has been one of the most played game in cebu. Since in this game you can play it either through LAN connection (internet café) or connect and play with millions of gamers online via GARENA (Game Arena) or other online game network.

Even before DotA was created, I have always been a big fan of the WARCARFT series and have played all of their games from warcraft: Orcs and Humans until Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. Even before, i would make sure to come home early from school, finish all my homework and then play until the curfew which is 10pm. On the weekends its morning until I fall asleep, that’s how addictive the game is.

Now that they created a new game basing form the Warcraft series were your main objective is to destroy you opponent’s camp and having to manage only your Heroes is quite amazing. You don’t need to hire more wisps to harvest gold and lumber to train your unit. Since in this game, your camp will automatically generate its unit and is program to attack the other camp at certain intervals. So your main focus in really solely on your hero. How cool is that.

Out of the 97 Heroes in DotA, like all the gamers I have my favorite characters. These are;

  • Traxex the Drow Ranger – Agility base hero
  • Alleria Windrunner – intelligence base Hero

Yes! I have notice that I am very fond of medium to long range type heroes and both of them are archer.

They also added two new heroes:

Murloc NightCrawler (Agility Hero)
Ancient Apparition (intelligence Hero)

 Since this is really a big hit locally and even in the international gaming scene, if you ever get a chance to use GARENA you will see that there are players logged on from almost all 4 continents in the world.

The creators are continuously asking for feedbacks or bugs so that they can fix it, after a significant improvement has been made they then release a new version of the Game. Right now the latest version that is being released from the official creator ( is Version 6.66b.

To check on the changes made from version 6.65 to 6.66 click here (change logs)

Its pays to really read and check the label of your heroes! If you’ve tried playing at Gols or any local internet café then you would know that the players there are ruthless and are in the middle to expert category. So best be prepared, TRUST me.. when i say they are ruthless! :)




melody said...

this game also can make the gamer addicted in the game... i can remember a song about this game--- "mas mahal mo pa ang Dota"

Michael Jay Mesa said...

hahha...nakakagago ang DOTa...wahahaha..pero asteeegg...

Anonymous said...

Hey very nice blog!! Man .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also...

Dhon said...

@Melody -- i agree.. and i think i am one of them. hehehe

@Michael Jay Mesa -- hahaha hinid.. huwag kalang padadala.

@Anonymous -- whoever you are! thank you!

bopnistation said...

napadaan lang po. sarap talagang maglaro ng dota! masarap matulog pag nananalo! haha!

yan din pampalipas oras namin dito sa KSA. ^^

one time sana magkalaro tayo! =)

Dhon said...

@bopnistation -- oo naman.. kaso andito ako sa CEBU..

Anonymous said...

na pressure ko sa game... my team mates (Dhon, Lanz & Denmark ) kick me off coz am a neophyte as if i was not able to beat them in the score ranking. waaaahhh...

Dhon said...

@Tart -- hahahaa true true.. the truth is.. we were being murdered.. correction massacre!

Anonymous said...

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