Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a Late Christmas Gift

Christmas came a 3 months late for me, since I just got what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas this month(March) specifically last Sunday. The Care package that my sis sent us came very very late! I guess maybe it’s because of the holiday rush last December but I have a feeling the size of the box mattered as well why we received it a little late.
I received 4 shoes from her; two of which I specifically requested.
Which are the Converse basic black leather finish sneakers and the other one is a Gray colored sneaker.
Since I wasn’t able to see any of these specific sneakers when they held their GREAT CONVERSE SALE last December.

One thing i love is that she is very much updated with the current fashion trends, i don't know if i mention it to her during our online chat that top-sider are making a comeback this year. 


All in all I have around 6 pair of sneakers of different color, style and brand. Some are converse the others are Nike and I resent the fact that they say that having this much sneakers is already an addiction or an obsession, I would prefer to call it PASSION.


To My Dear sister DARLENE PAL 

Thank you so much for the Shoes! 
Love love love it! 

From Kuya.


JR said...

anong size ng shoes mo? wala lang curious lang ako ;-)

Dhon said...

@Jayr -- size 11 po

Andy said...

naks naman! ganda ng Christmas gifts na natanggap mo. :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

nice! sabihin mo ako din! lol

john stanley said...

i never knew that you have imelda marcos for a role model, hehehe!

Dhon said...

@Andy -- salamat salamat i waited 3 months for this.. hehehe

@ʎonqʎʇıɔ -- LOL.. :)

@john stanley -- ako din.. baka realted kami or something..

bampiraako said...

Kaya pala traffic nung araw na yun.

wanderingcommuter said...

oo nga super naman sa LATE... pero kainggit ha?! come to think of it, wala pang nagreregalo sa akin ng ganyan. maswerte ka

Dhon said...

@bampiraako -- hahaha..

@wanderingcommuter -- oo nga.. :) salamat sa pag dalaw..

Tart said...

I haven't seen the other 2 shoes... give way to summer??? hehehe...

Dhon said...

@tart -- i am still yet to wear them.. hehehe.. they are not really my thing.. so i am still trying to find ways to match them to my clothes


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