Friday, March 5, 2010

Green Tea Frappuccino | Summer's Cold Treat

“Green Tea Frap Please.. Venti size and NO Whip Cream….”
..And OH makes sure to use Skim Milk...”

During the weekends, it has always been a tradition between me and tart to hang out at any coffee shop and talk. It’s more really of a ritual in way. I have always been a Cappuccino Lover all my life and I recently fell in love with the macchiato.. Thanks to Tart.

But recently, The Heat has been really awful!
The hottest day of the year happened last February 24, 200 at 1:50 PM that is 34.5 Degrees.

WOW EL Niño Much? 

And we have not officially started summer yet, it’s bound to get hotter by April or May.

With that in mind, I temporarily ended my love affair with a Steaming Hot Cappuccino and switched to a Healthy Cold Treat offered by Starbucks the  Green Tea Frap.

Since you get all the healthy benefits of Green Tea..

“Green Tea Frap Please.. Venti size and NO Whip Cream….”
..And OH makes sure to use Skim Milk...”

What can i say.. I am on a Diet.. :) 

I even found a recipe online for the star bucks Green Tea Frap. Incase you want to make one at home.

4 oz milk .
2 oz hot water .
1 1/2 tbsps vanilla syrup or sugar, to taste .
1/2 tsp green tea powder (matcha) .

Step #1 Dissolve green tea in hot water.
Step #2 add milk & syrup.
Step #3 mix with a handfull or so of ice cubes.
Step #4 top this with whipped cream if desired.
Enjoy the Green Tea Frappuccino recipe

ENJOY and stary healthy and hydrated.


Anonymous said...

I agree....delicious. Additionally, there's no healthier substance than matcha green tea powder

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i love this too! lalo when it first came out and it had blueberry syrup.

Geisha said...

my favorite!
i've always loved green tea frap. ive been addicted to it.

better than sex;) hehehhee

moks said...

my favorite starbucks drink!

grande green tea frappuccino, twice blended.

Dhon said...

@Anonymous -- Checked on the link in your comment. Thanks for Dropping by and i am amaze on the benefits one get by simply drinking Green Tea.. Love it!

Dhon said...

@ʎonqʎʇıɔ-- Wow! i don't remember a time that this had blue berry syrup.. pero YUM!

@Geisha--Me too.. ever since i tasted it.. YUMMY and Healthy.. i think this is how they should advertise Green tea.. :)

Dhon said...

@ Monks -- Welcome to the club! :)


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