Friday, November 13, 2009

The missing piece meets the Big O

As I was contemplating on my work station on how many hours I slept and if I logged in at that time what time can I actually logged off from work.
I opened my Yahoo Messenger and saw a very interesting status message from an old friend (Louie)

Status Message: Moral lesson: A healthy and lasting relationship consists of two whole individuals.

‘Wow.. That’s quite a mouthful..

“Hey.. Yes it! Do you want me to forward you the email that contains the story?”

“Please do… forward it to my company email add”

“It actually came from James”

Hearing that I actually laughed… Will talk about James some other time!

The story actually reminded of the book “HOPE FOR THE FLOWER”; why? It’s like reading a children’s story book.

I was amazed of the story and how simple the dialogue was yet the lesson was very powerful.
That is why I decided to share it to the world…


MORAL LESSON: A Healthy Relationship consist of two Whole individuals


Rygel said...

very true

Teban said...

hey dhon, we use this in class when we discuss love. =) hehehe

here is a youtube link. =)

but anyway, thank you for reminding me to lift pull flop lift pull flop until I can roll! =)

Dhon said...

@Rygel -- :D

Dhon said...

@Teban -- Really now? hehehe.. then i want to sit down and take notes on LOVE 101

NO problem!

eye_spy said...

this is nice..

Dhon said...

@eye_spy -- Thanks for droppin by..

JAbbeRedONiON said...

nice one dhon.
are you still flopping? or are you starting to roll already?

Dhon said...

JAbbeRedONiON -- Starting... to liftpullflopliftpullflop.. soon i will roll...

Anonymous said...

hi i actually wanted to know that if you have the slides for "the missing piece" as well because i really needs it


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