Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time

If you have been a PSP addict since it first came out. Then I am sure that you are familiar of this PRINCE OF PERSIA GAME.

Up to date, the game has revolved into a trilogy namely

• Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time
• Prince of Persia and the 2 Thrones
• Prince of Persia and the Warrior within

The Sands of Time:

Dastan is a 6th century prince of Persia who joins forces with a princess called Tamina. Together they try to prevent the Sands of Time, an ancient force of magic that gives its possessor the ability to reverse time, from falling into the hands of an , Nizam who plans to use its powers to take over the world.

Now what got me excited was the thought that they are making this into a movie. Now I know that this has been announced late March of 2004 when they are planning to a movie.
But then again, a lot of things could happen within that span of time.
What got me excited was when I watched the early news prior going to work, they announced it that the trailer is already out! NICE!

The best part of the news, is that Jake Gyllenhaal will play as Prince Dastan the lead character (NICE!)

This film is scheduled to be released 3rd quarter of next year! I can’t wait!

Here is the official Trailer of the Movie

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