Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Longest Hour

"It was the longest hour of my life, were i have to smile and pretend to be happy, while deep inside i was slowly crying"

After our whole day orientation in my new company, and after eating areound 1/4 of the rice and a lot for fruits and veggie’s for almost a week (Need to Start eating Healthy).
I suddenly felt the urge to eat some greasy and yummy chicken.. KFC perhaps?!
Pulled out my sun cellular phone...

Po: Gwen.. Were you? What you doing now?
G: I just got home, I roamed the street endlessly to tire myself so when i got home i would sleep immediately.
Po: Huh?! What's wrong with you?
G: I don't really want to talk about it.
Po: Ok. Next time then..

Thinking, What the hell ill just continues with my Fat free diet...

G: By the way.. Pooh also texted me. He will be going to SM to eat something.
Po: OK. I really don't have his number (Yes! I deleted his number!)
G: Oh don't worry i texted him that you are also going to SM.
Po: Ok (Secretly Smiling)

We were about to take a tour of the facilities with my new company when my Globe phone vibrated..
After we exchanged a couple of text messages; i suddenly found myself talking to pooh.
Pooh as charming as ever with his big smile, making his eye disappear even with his glasses on.
So we went to KFC and eat dinner ( as always we couldn’t decide were we will eat so picked the nearest one).
I really was not after the Food but i was slowly testing myself.. Am i really over him and ready to move on..

We talked a lot about life in general.
People we know and how his work is and he asked me in return how my work is.
It was the longest hour of my life, were i have to smile and pretend to be happy, while deep inside i was slowly crying. Yet i didn’t make it obvious in my face, for the first time I wore a mask to hide how I truly felt. I have always been a very open and straight forward person so it was very hard for me.

He went ahead because he has a online game tournament he has to attend at around 8pm.
I suddenly found myself staring at the empty seat, his seat right in front of for 20 minutes.
Tears were already building up i was about to burst into crying.
But i made sure to get a hold of myself…
At that moment I don’t even care were I am, I was thankful that I had sufficient strength to hold back my tears.

I suddenly found myself getting drunk with my friends in Mango... I just want to escape and forget that it ever happened.. My friends were there to comfort me and give me a hug. Finally I ended up crying in Mango in front of my friends.. I just have to let it out.. for my own sanity sake.
even if its the party place in cebu, i really didnt care..


JAbbeRedONiON said...

I'm reading a description of your complete opposite Dhon.
But I know how that feels. When they say nga sakit kaayo sa dughan mura jd ug literally gikumot ang heart.

Dhon said...

@JabbeRedOnion -- I KNOW.. huhuhuhu


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