Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of those Angry Emails

I received an email through facebook, I don’t even know what kind of email it was. But I just have a couple of things to say.

Subject: WOW


I don't understand why...why I was deleted in your facebook, but I know you have some reasons... if it's worth it, then it's fine. I know I can’t stop you. But i hope things will be better between the people involve, whatever the issue maybe. I don't know how or where I offended you for me to deserve such treatment. But I understand. Like what i have have you're reasons...I just hope we can talk about this.My apologies...

Note: I just translated the message to English since it was mostly in Cebuano dialect.
Subject: Re: WOW


One, don’t give me the crap that you don’t know why we were hurt. Ill tell you; after we watched the T2 movie, you guys informed us that you were going home. So me and K went to watch another movie, grabbed a couple of GPS and went home. I thought we were having a bonding session. But then on Easter Sunday, well someone posted pictures that you went somewhere and was drinking and well from the look of things were having a great time.
I even texted you were we were, don’t give me that crap that you did not know. I used the same number that I called you requesting that you buy us a ticket ahead.
I guess you lost our number? Or you forgot about us? Great! From now one we will forget about you too..

So that night I realize, I know who my true friends are. They are the friends who are not embarrassed to be with us just because we are who we are. You know what I might be a little harsh. I personally don’t need your friendship! You have been degraded from a true friend to nothing more than an acquaintance. I already have good friends, I don’t need more.

Please relay the message to the others.


Note: I did not send this email yet; I want them first to wonder. I am also checking if this would violate my email etiquettes, since in my line of work. email is a means of communicating with colleagues, clients, bosses etc.

I am sad that i am able to write this very angry email to a friend.
but i guess some friendships are not ment to last and i am cool with that like he said "i have my reasons" and i am very confident it is valid.



Anonymous said...

bleh! lol just let it go, it's not worth it. friends come in and out of your life, some stay and some don't.


Dhon said...

hahaha... i know...
but i want them not to exist :)

the lad with a pink heart said...

Wrath! Rarrrr!

Princess Kiddie said...

the mere fact that they were oblivious on what they did, you expect them to understand your pain or where you are coming from after reading this letter? I wouldnt be surprised if they claim that they have no idea whatsoever on what your talking about :)


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