Monday, April 13, 2009


How do I even begin to love Mondays?
When I haven’t even gotten any chance to get out of my station for smoke, coffee break or even take my lunch.

How do I even begin to describe my harsh Monday?
Reports here reports there and reports almost everywhere!

How do I even start to pick up the pieces of my shattered Monday?
Slowly but surely.. Making sure not to cut myself in the process

How do I even begin to contemplate on the BAD NEWS on a Monday?
Unbelievable news, that has just reached my ear. That could cost us more than what we can afford to loose.

Now you tell me, how do I even begin to love my Mondays?


Bleeding Angel said...

Monday -- my officemate got promoted

Monday -- my bestfriend got the news, his US visa was approved.

Monday -- when our company assured us that there will be no mass lay-off.

You can be happy on MOnday thinking other's. And when you feel empty on monday, just Pray more and I'll tell you there will be no sad mondays in your life again!

Dhon said...

That's nice to know...
i should be more positive on my Mondays.. :)


the geek said...

garfield, is this you? hehehe

Gram Math said...

i love that song "rainy days and mondays always gets me down"
anyway I love mondays just come to think of it just four more days and its friday and then after that comes the weekend

Dhon said...

@the geek..
hahahaha... i really am not a fan of the lasagna :)


Dhon said...

@Gram math
- i Admire your Optimism..
i think i am becoming more Cynical


XanFactor said...

another week have started, you survived the last struggle, the last battle... i new week to damn the world...

hey got to stand up... it's fun to just take a deep breath and jump on it...


Dhon said...

@Xan Factor -- love your being positive.. damn wish i have that! :)


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