Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Mr. Traveler:
Now you're really making me feel guilty. Ugh. Dont like the feeling. Its bcoz i read your blog. I'm just in bed & doing nothing.

(totally forgot he knows the link to my blog. F*Ck!) Tigas! sabi ko sa iyo don't ever read my blog

Mr. Traveler:
Sorry don.I have no idea lng thats how you feel pala

I'm sorry too …. It was unfair of me to write that blog… Just disregard that...

Mr. Traveler:
Should we text pa?

I don't know... should we?

Mr. Traveler:
I dont know. Hehe i like to. But ikw im not doin any good to you...you know with all the moving on...and history repeat itself thing.

Hugs (His first virtual hug!)

********After several viber messages******

Mr. Traveler:
“Kinda like you actually thats all the pacute thing. But i dont know. I dont want you to go through what you've went through before i'm just going to be unfair to…”

I kinda like you too :)


the conversation that made it clear.. he is ready to fight. To fight for something he believe in.

i made a promise to myself that i will never push him to do anything that he is not willing to do.
This is his journey.. his own time  and if he will allow me to be apart of it. i will be the happiest person in the world. I will be holding his hands and will always make sure that he will feel i am always at his side.

as i am writing this i am laughing out loud. i am way over my head.. it was a small admission on his part however i am very proud of him for being honest and true to himself. I know its not as easy as it seems. he is a man of his word so i know it took a lot of courage and guts.

at least i am slowly getting to know him and at the same time he is slowly getting to know me. i did warn him already that i can be very difficult person and i have a lot of quirks. I am not exactly the most patient or the most understanding person but i am glad that as early as now… we are already placing our cards on the table.

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