Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One Friday Night, we decided to give VIPS in Asia a try.

Tart and I usually ends the workweek and welcome the weekend with a bottle or two of our favorite light drink Tanduay ICE.  Yes! It is more of a ritual for us.

VIPS in Asia offers our favorite drink (Tanduay ice) in towers, which was a first for me. For only P250 you can enjoy the drink which is good for around 4 peeps. If you really want to get hammered, you can drink it by yourself.


One thing I like is that bar is located at the heart of Asia town IT park, which is safe (roving guard), clean and no traffic. The bar is located at skyrise 3 building.

Plus they are also renowned for their Potato Tornado, which is best eaten when it is still hot. A Great “Pulotan” suggestion J

Aside from that VIPS in Asia offers a wide variety of food including Ribs, steak, pastas and salads.

Right in the middle of the IT hub of Cebu, this is the perfect place for those customers, technical, sales representatives to just chill and unwind since they are open at 7am.




Anonymous said...

:) i don't drink but almost all of my friends does, and i usually end up as their "dd" lol... anyhoo! a little drink to welcome the weekend is a great idea, just don't get too wasted otherwise you wouldn't be able to enjoy your weekend :) hahaa...

thank you for that comment, and yes! i do believe things will get better... thanks again :)

Dhon said...

@Starfish -- thanks for dropping by! ;) hahaha.. just a bottle or two.. to welcome the weekend. ;)


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