Friday, April 23, 2010

Balut experience

One ohhh so boring night while tart and I were smoking outside the office. A Balut vendor passed by us and we decide to give it a try.

Balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg that is boiled and eaten in the shell.

Now I know that as much as possible we have to avoid eating this delicacy of ours since it is high on bad cholesterol Emphasis on the “BAD”

But hey the last time I was able to eat a Balut was 4-5 years ago since I saw my dad eat it and the duck was almost fully formed (Goosebumps). So this time, I let tart ate the duck part I just stick to the yummy yellow!

I forgot how tasty balut it actually is… Best eaten with salt and spicy vinegar!



Jepoy said...

cool shots! I like balut pero hanggang isa lang pwede sakin baka ma stroke LOL

Anonymous said...

omg! there's an asian store here and whenever my mom would there she always brings back these weird foods.... one time she got me this "balut" and it wasn't that bad, i can eat at least 3... yeah, 3 at the most... they're sooo good...

mel beckham said...

Balut = yuck.


Arte noh? Charing lang. I eat balut but never the sisiw.

Cookster said...

haay nakaka miss ang balut

cio said...

da bes ang balut!

Dhon said...

@Jepoy -- i know.. :) bawal din sa akin yan! :)

@Starfish -- Be careful.. high colesterol.. :)

@Mel -- amen!!!!! no to sisiw!

Dhon said...

@Cookster -- eat na!! :)

@Cio -- I agree! the best!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

balut! yummm!!!

Dhon said...

@ʎonqʎʇıɔ -- i know right! yum yum

Anonymous said...

I remember eating balut when im going to manila. When the bus stops at bulacan, I always grab balut and sprinkled with salt and spicy vinegar!

Sarap tlga ng balot, pero kakatakot pag kumain ng lubos, high blood ang abot!!!

Iwas balot, iwas gamot! :D

Dhon said...

@topexpress -- i agree!!.. too much can kill.. really kill.. that's why balut is best eaten once a year for me! :)


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