Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bohol: R and R at Panglao

After a very tiring trip to and from DANAO for the E.A.T (Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour), we decided it’s high time for us to rest up for Easter Sundays R and R at Panglao beach.

From Sagbayan, it’s about 2 and a half hours  bus ride to the capital city of Bohol which is Tagbilaran City. Although it felt a little shorter since I slept almost on the entire trip.  Tart always gets amazed at the idea that I can sleep anywhere (literally) and regardless of the position (may it be sitting or leaning forward).  We were staying at his sisters place since they have a spare guess room (which I think personally is awesome) we were able to save some money for the accommodation and meals (THANK YOU so much for everything!)

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we woke up early and go to the market to prepare our food for the Panglao trip.
We went to the Alturas Super Market to buy Milk fish, pork meat, fruits etc. I was actually having a great time since I am very fond of markets, I really don’t know why maybe it has something to do with my father always tagging me along every time he goes to the market to buy fresh fish for dinner.

I was able to make my famous grilled bangus (Milk fish) ala AA style, since tart wanted his sister to actually try it.
Was a bit pressured but somehow I think they liked it! ;)


Panglao was JAMMED PACK with people! Tart and I literally walked at the shoreline to see if there are available cottages. We walked for a while and just when we were about to give up! We found an available cottage! (yey!)


Panglao for me is still one of the top beaches here in the Philippines. It’s powdery white sand and crystal clear beach is still the best!

If I were to choose between Cebu and Panglao for the beaches, It would be a NO BRAINER! I would say Panglao. Even though I have lived all my life at Cebu, it seems that panglao never fails to take my breath away!





JR said...

Thanks for sharing this...you gave me an idea what to check out when I go home ;-)

Dhon said...

@JR -- happy to help! Enjoy!

melody said...

panglao is such a great beach!!!! love it

Dhon said...

@Melody -- I know right! ;)


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