Friday, July 3, 2009



TL Markee, Lead QA Sher, TL Dhon and Senior Trainer Margaux

with TM Debbie and TM Clarence

The "Can Do" - "I Commit team"

TL Jona, Markee, Sher, Dhon, Qa Borj, TL George

These are the people that made my work more fun, colorful and yes a bit bearable. Sure they are time when we tend to become bitchy with each other, argue and give each other the silent treatment but at the end of the day we always end up laughing and forgetting what had happened. We support each other and watch each other backs.

Let me just say that I want to say that I never regretted working for an outsourcing company, why? It’s because of these people. They made me grow not just physically (due to our binges) but emotionally and spiritually as well.

I just don’t consider them my colleagues but my WORK FAMILY.

You ROCK Guys!



Ming Meows said...

sana ma-experience ko din ang ganyan

Ming Meows said...

sa qualfon ni?


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