Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Realizations about my Love Life

Realizations about my Love Life

It's been a long time since we all last met for a movie, lunch or even just to catch up. So i was contemplating on the very slow downloading speed of my PC. my YM was on and i got to chat with Paul. we had a lot of things to talked about.. Life, Fashion, trends and bitching about someone we know and really don't like (We all do it.. no use trying to pretend). So when the topic of love life opened up and and he ask me how is my love life... i responded like this:
" love with Shaun.. in the movie shelter"

"i am falling in love with a man who does not exist except on the silver screen. i spent my entire RD watching and re-watching the same old film. i think it's just SAD... No Scratch that.. i think its just down right depressing! - Dhon 06.25.2009

The rest was history! This was one of the most liberating thing i said that day. :)

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