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“Life is all about risk” -- Coco Chanel

Those lines say’s it all, how Gabrielle “COCO” Chanel was... a strong, passionate and often times’ misunderstood by people around her. Considering she came from nothing, worked all her way up risked everything even her own happiness in order to prove something not just to the people around her but to herself.

Coming from a poor family, her mother died when she was only a little girl. Her father left them in a convent to be raised by nuns. He promised that when he is already able to find a good work. he would come back for them. When she found out that his dad did not go to the Americas but started a new family. Personally that was a start when she finally decided not to fully trust as much specially men.

“I love you. But I will only marry you if I am no longer dependent on you”. – Coco Chanel

In the movie, Coco lived in an era were stereotyping is as normal was wearing fur coat in winter. She was ridiculed and oftentimes humiliated but the one thing I liked about her is that she did not just sit down and pity herself for being an orphan. She walked with her chin up and prove them wrong. She dedicated her entire life to fighting the unfair norms of the era.

She fought a long, hard battle and at the end……. She won….

And knowing this, she has earned not just my admiration… but my respect

Blogger’s Note:

Although she lived on a very different era, one of the things that I liked about the movie is Passion and following your heart. She waged her own war… war against bigotry in her times. This inspired me as well to wage my own war, and mind you i will not accept defeat.


the geek said...

i haven't watched the movie but i read a book about her life...

Dhon said...

> Watch it! it is so uber nice!


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