Monday, February 2, 2009



Just as I was enjoying my usual website surfing and blog hopping

In the hopes that some of my neurons would wake up and I could finally compose a blog

Suddenly receive an SMS from an ex-lover

He informed me that a lot of people were texting him that I was meeting up people and that he was happy for me.

I was not really angry at the fact that he was happy and he was not bitter. I guess this people did not know that we broke up and they are reporting or telling him that I was out meeting people in the hopes of breaking us up. This is not new to us, I don’t know why these people are so into ruining relationship

Is it because they are just bitter? Or they are just lonely?

I hate the fact that I am in the prying eyes of people who are just waiting for me to screw up!

"I hate it when people are watching my ever move and is just waiting for me to screw up!

That’s just great! You really don’t have to bother and tell me what my mistakes are... Trust me I have enough friends telling me that…."


the geek said...

i remember this line from legally blonde: "if you let one stupid prick ruin your life, you're not the girl i thought you were.."

let them know what you are doing...

Dhon said...

Thanks! you really do have a point..

Mac Callister said...

they are just envy and jealous that you are happy,but I thought he's an ex lover na?

Dhon said...

I was also wondering about that... it happened when we were still together and it is still happening even if we are already separated... WTF!

Fox said...

bongga!!! kevz sa mga L.O.S.E.R.S. dhon... wai tambal sa insecure as n 4evah na jud na cla kyur2 sa imo yot... heads up, more men are coming your way!!! bongga!!!

Dhon said...

thank you au FOX... ever supportive au ka sa tanan...

ikaw pud oist... shudi problema sa lovelife... inom niya ta.. text text..

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Victor Gregor said...

the world is full of lonely insecure people. don't heed them.

blog-hopped from gentle's page. will link you.


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