Monday, January 26, 2009

Convincing Powers

Convincing Powers

Last Last Week, when our program director was in Cebu and visiting our office, he noticed that there were art sketches on the wall and decided to have the agents vote for the best ART.

What can i say? i am proud of you Eden for winning the Floor art contest, and definitely i am proud of my agents for being proactive in the campaign and in convincing others that this is the best ART on the wall.. either that or they used the "Vote for us or end friendship method" Such a powerful method but i can't help but wonder who ever thought them that technique (*whistling)

This also made me realize how my team was so UNITED, honestly i did not tell them to force other agents to vote but they simply did it there way. I am Proud of you Team....

Remember our Goal: UNITED-PCCT will Dominate 2009 (to be the best team for 4 straight quarters)

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