Friday, February 26, 2010

on Work out and Rice Separation

“If only loosing weight is as easy as smoking a cigarette minus all the Lung Cancer, emphysema, all the ugly side effect. Then the world would be a better place ~Dhon

This is the one thing that stuck in my head since after 2 hours of workout (after quitting for about a week)
Since me and tart had already booked a trip to boracay this SUMMER (may) we are currently in the process of ending our love affair with RICE and its carbohydrate rich family and its Trans – fat relatives.

We have roughly around a month to trim down to a “Summer Acceptable” body structure!

It’s only been day 2 and the rice separation is killing me and Oh did I mention my family usually likes to grill in the weekends... Try eating grilled fish (Bangus/Milk fish or fresh salt water fish) or Pork with no rice! No FUN at all!

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

hahaha. i will support you on that tart. both of us should be the motivator...

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

di ko kaya yan! mababaliw ako pag walang kanin. haha di bali nang mataba, wag lang gutom.

promise, masungit ako pag gutom. lol

ahmer said...

goodluck' project ko din yan ngayon! : D

tim said...

HAHAHA... ako now, i need to get back in shape. so i need rice.. patay ako pag wala..

Dhon said...

@Tart -- hahaha.. thank you for the support!

@ʎonqʎʇıɔ -- at first yan din ang reaction ko.. so what i did, i gradually minimize my rice intake.. so i can slowly eliminate it in my diet..

Dhon said...

@ahmer --hehehe.. pressure ng summer

@ tim -- gradually reduce it.. para walang problema.

Cookster said...

grilled pork...WITH NO RICE?!?!?!?!

damn dude!

Dhon said...

@Cookster -- i know right? napaka-hirap!!!!!


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