Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Letter to Pooh

Pooh ~

First of all I want to say,

Thank you for making me smile even when I felt the whole world was against me
Thank you being there when I was all alone, abandon by the world
Thank you for the being a not just my partner, but my mentor, colleague and confidant
Thank you for the care and attention that you have given me unconditionally
Thank you for reminding me who I am and what I am. That I do what I do not to please other people but to please myself
Thank you for remembering every monthsary and even our anniversary even if we are no longer together for almost 8 months.

I promised myself that something, if you have grown up then I will surely find my way back home to you. Then, one day while we were talking and texting, I found out that you have indeed grown up. Yet, at the back of my mind I was still scared.

I was scared to admit that I was still in love with you and that you have even out grown me in more ways than one.
“I loved you for 8 months, I have just been to scared and arrogant to realize it”

I was putting myself out there, going on dates and meeting new friends. But some how it never worked out with them, Then I finally realized one thing;
They could never surpass the one man I measure them against, and that’s you.

I found it hard to accept, that when I decided to walk my way home to you. You already have someone else there. I guess the parable of the prodigal son that we read in the bible was just an “Ideal” Scenario.

I fought a good fight, I can honestly say that. I know it was hard for you to decide between me and Rabbit, especially when I caused you so much pain and anguish. But then you have made your choice, Even if it’s not me I respect it.
I was hurt but then at the same time I am happy that you have finally opened your heart to someone else.

I wish you both nothing but the best in your relationship, I know you will work things out. I will always be here for you as a friend.

Thank you Pooh and Goodbye




JAbbeRedONiON said...

OMG! All this time, imo ra di ay to gideny?


I feel for you. :(

Kung hindi kayang lumaban ng isa para sa atin, hindi natin sya mapipilit.

Mahihirapan lang pareho, Magkakasakitan pareho, at sa bandang huli magbabago ang tingin ninyo sa isa't isa.
Sa halip na mapanatili ang pag-ibig, wala na, nasira niyo na pareho ng di niyo nalalaman.Sa paglipas ng panahon, matatabunan na lang ng kwento. Masasanay na tayo. Hanggang sa tatawanan mo na lang balang araw.

Dhon said...

@Debbie - Because i was scared, Arrogant and also with pride ;(

Dhon said...

@Acrylique -- :) Tama ka.. balang araw.. tatawanan ko nalang ito..

Jim said...

Arouch. I feel u.

JadedKnight's Jabs said...

There you go!!! I admire the courage Dhon!

the geek said...

i was expecting the letter to be signed by tigger.

tim said...

we cannot force anybody to make us happy and fight for us.. the only thing that you need to do is you have to be ready..

Dhon said...

@JadedKnight's Jabs -- :) now you know why sometimes i haven't been myself for the past 2 weeks.. i am still holding it together..

Dhon said...

@Geek -- i don't like tigger po kasi..

Dhon said...

@JIM -- oo nga.. ouch!

Dhon said...

@Tim - how i wish we can.. but then i fought a good fight... :) although i lost but then.. the thing is i fought..

Knoxxy said...

Sweet and sad at the same time.

Dhon said...

@Knoxxy -- Yeah Bitter sweet realizations

Tart_Tanilya said...


Tart_Tanilya said...



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